Do you sometimes read worthless stuff on tech and gaming websites and think to yourself I can do better than that?

Have you ever wanted to write for a tech-gaming website but never had the opportunity ?

Well we are offering you the chance on HardwarePal.


DOs and Don’ts Of Writing For Us


1. First off, try to make your writing opinionated .

2. Good research on the topic as well as personal knowledge on the subject will mean a much more effective article.

3. Choose one of the topics of the HardwarePal site (Tech , gaming , computers , mobile devices , consoles etc. You can see whats available on the site in the menus) or at least something very closely related.

4. We don’t like you copying stuff from other websites or writing the same old things you see everywhere.

5. Try to have a minimum of 600 words (we don’t have a cap on the maximum) but usually 800-1500 word articles perform better.

6. Add as much detail as possible to help users better understand your views.

7. The writing must be grammatically correct or leave us with only minor edits.

8. Make it interesting and out of the ordinary.

9. If your title is good you’re half the way to getting published.


We will sometimes edit your writing to help you get more exposure. 


What’s In It For Me


Other than getting your name on Hardware Pal, you will also be featured on all our social channels as well as being promoted by us on various other sites.

A lot of people view our site throughout the month and many of them are either staff or owners of well known sites ( you never know what the future will bring ).


Upload a word document with your article aswell as the images in the places you would like them to be.

  • If you have one