Windows 8.2 – Microsoft Will Release Update Early Next Year

Microsoft seems to be doing a good job with Windows 8 and with the release of the Windows 8.1 update, they have improved on many features. For us it was mainly the increased gaming performance.


Windows 8.2 Windows 8.2   Microsoft Will Release Update Early Next Year


But everything isn’t just about  performance, some people want the aesthetics aswell and for that purpose even though Microsoft released the 8.1 update they have plans of  adding a few more features users have suggested with Windows 8.2 in January next year.

The update currently has a very short list , but it includes the most discussed Windows feature. Yes, it’s the Start Menu , even though Windows 8.1 had the start menu button, what was included though wasn’t what users had wanted.


Windows 8.2 Update Windows 8.2   Microsoft Will Release Update Early Next Year


The second update is Internet Explorer 11, with performance improvements and the speed of loading pages has been worked out. Not much of a difference has been noticed, but it seems it’s almost the same Explorer that Microsoft’s Next-Gen console the Xbox One will support on launch.

Lastly, Microsoft will restore the File Explorer library by default in the new version of Windows 8.2. The list may further be increased and more features may be added to Windows 8.2 , just like Windows 8.1 it will be available as a free download from Microsofts store when it’s out in January.

  • Josh

    *grins* That’s all.

  • SmashingK

    The new IE is likely to disappoint as usual. Normally I wouldn’t jump to such a conclusion but if it does turn out to be the same as the one in the Xbox One then it’s nothing to shout about as current tests have shown it to be much slower than the one in the PS4.

    • CerN

      Actually, IE11 is a pretty damn good browser. I’ve been using Firefox since 2004, but I gotta admit the new IE is pretty sweet.

      • Anonymouse

        Agreed. I use IE, Firefox, and sometimes Opera (Webkit based now). IE has been decent for some time, and IE11 is quite good, but you get a lot of the same old mindless hate posted on the interwebs. If I applied that same kind of stupidity to everything I’d still be going “INTEL? Not until they fix that floating point bug in their Pentiums!”

  • Bjoernsen

    Source here too!