The Walking Dead was one of the best games story-wise one could play, were your decisions would haunt you later in the game. And if you don’t already know there’s another season in the making.


The Walking Dead Season Two Release The Walking Dead Season 2 Details and New Character


Season Two will be just like the first, containing 5 episodes and Clementine as the lead character. In a recent tweet Telltale games have confirmed another character that you will see in The Walking Dead Season 2; Omid, who you meet in the first season along the journey.There maybe more characters that will see a comeback from Season One and the 400 Days DLC , as it’s going have a story blend between them.


The Walking Dead Season Two Omid the new character The Walking Dead Season 2 Details and New Character


The exact release date of the game is unconfirmed , but it’s rumoured that it’s going to come out this month. While the next-generation console release for Playstation 4 and Xbox One remains unclear, they are expected to release on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as PS Vita, iOS, Mac and of course PC.


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