ViewSonic V3D231 Monitor Review

ViewSonic is one of the well-known computer monitor manufacturers because it has been around for such a long time. During that time, its rank amongst other computer monitor manufacturers has fluctuated. However, ViewSonic has always made quality monitors, and one of its newest offerings, the V3D231, is quite possibly one of the best LED gaming monitors ever produced by any company.

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The V3D231 is 3D-ready and offers an impressive 2ms response time as well as full HD native 1080p (1920 x 10280) resolution. These stats mean that the colors on the screen crisp and vivid. The short response time ensures that you do not experience the incredibly annoying jitter and ghosting that are often associated with lower-end monitors. It also offers many viewing angles; users have 170 degrees of horizontal and 160 degrees of vertical flexibility.

This Viewsonic screen has HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA inputs, which means that, in addition to using this as a computer screen, you can easily use this monitor to watch Blu-Ray movies (including 3D Blu-Ray movies) or to play on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. It stacks up pretty well and should be a good choice for anyone with an eye on the next generation consoles coming out later this year.

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The screen size is 23 inches diagonally, and it is only 1.5 inches thick. The monitor ranges in weight from 6.7 to 7.9 pounds, depending on whether or not you have the stand attached to it.


This monitor is durable. Despite its small size, this monitor continued to function perfectly even after accidentally falling two feet from the desk onto the floor. While we do not recommend you test this theory yourself, it is nice to know that it can sustain minor accidents without breaking. This monitor’s durability and size make it a perfect option for gamers who like to go to LAN parties and take a monitor with them.

Moreover, ViewSonic backs this monitor with a 3 year warranty, which should give you assurance that it will perform well in the long haul. Compared to many other monitor manufacturers, the warranty is pretty impressive and sets ViewSonic apart from the competition.

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Overall, the V3D231 offers exceptional picture quality for its price. Using the free polarized glasses or clip-on lenses, users can watch 3D movies or games as they were meant to be experienced. These lenses aren’t that expensive to buy separately, so it is not a big deal to purchase a few more pairs for your friends or family to use. Obviously, we recommend using a much larger 3D television—one of at least 55 inches—as your go-to for 3D entertainment, but this monitor is still a top option for an office or a small bedroom that does not have space for a large television.

We wish ViewSonic would have made this monitor a bit brighter, but unless you are attempting to use it in direct sunlight you probably will not experience any problems. The only significant drawback of this monitor’s picture is that it does at times experience some bleed-through from the LEDs. This is most apparent when the monitor is displaying deep blacks. Overall it is not enough of a drawback to prevent this monitor from being one of the top gaming screens on the market.


Many gamers lament they have to purchase additional speakers to receive a high-quality audio experience. However, the ViewSonic offers internal speakers that are well above average. The dual two watt speakers integrate premium SRS stereo sound, which means that cash-strapped users can still enjoy crisp and clear sound whether they are watching a movie, playing a videogame, or listening to music. The biggest problem with the integrated speakers is that their bass is weak. Because of this, consumers with a larger budget will still want to opt for a high-end speaker system to compliment the V3D231, but most consumers will find the integrated speakers adequate for their audio needs.


The ViewSonic V3D231 is one of the best 3d gaming monitors available on the market. It offers a host of impressive features, most notably the ability to display 3D images. It is also very portable, and gamers who need a screen they can transport often should certainly consider investing in this monitor. It’s good to see an HDMI port because it enables gamers to connect both their computer and their gaming console to the monitor and seamlessly transition between the two without having to connect and disconnect wires. If you are looking to purchase a new computer monitor, especially one for gaming, you should give this screen a serious look before you purchase one from anyone else.