Second Kaveri Lineup for Q2 2014 – The A10-7800 , A6-7400K and A4-7300

Finally this month AMD has debuted their first Kaveri lineup with 3 APU’s including the flagship A10-7850K, A10-7700K and A8-7600. These Kaveri APU’s were released on the 4th of January and started shipping just recently on the 15th of January. Well that’s not the end of the Kaveri line and AMD is set to release the second line of Kaveri as soon as the Q2 of 2014.

Second Kaveri Lineup for Q2 2014 The A10 7800 A6 7400K and A4 7300 Second Kaveri Lineup for Q2 2014   The A10 7800 , A6 7400K and A4 7300

Second Kaveri Lineup

The second line of AMD Kaveri will be the cheaper APUs consisting of quad and dual cores. Once again it will consist of 3 APUs the A10-7800, A6-7400K and A4-7300. Even though the prices haven’t been mentioned yet, the lowest end dual core A4-7300 model will be around the $100 mark.


A10-7800 Specs:

Lets get into the specs of these APUs. First comes the most powerful (in the second product line) A10-7800. Consider it as a lower end locked version of a A10-7850K with 4 cores, while the core clock is TBA and 4MB L2 cache. This APU will have almost the same GPU model from the R7 series with 512 cores. In the memory department it will be able to support frequencies of up to 2133MHz . Nothing more is known other than it having a 65W TDP.


A6-7400K Specs:

The second would be a lower end version dual core A6-7400K with 2MB L2 cache. Along with the decrease in cores, there’s a decrease in the model range of the GPU. The A6-7400K will use the R3 series GPU along with 256 Cores. With this APU the compatibility of ram has also been dropped to 1866MHz and like the A10-7800 will have a 65W TDP (unlocked chip).


A4-7300 Specs:

The last and lowest end model in the Q2 production line will be be A4-7300 which is also a dual core with 2MB L2 Cache. Like the A6-7400K it will use a GPU from the R3 series but with 192 Cores, compatible with 1866MHz frequency ram and will require a TDP of 65W (locked APU).

These are the 3 APU’s we will see by March, or hopefully April around a estimated price range of $100-150. Rumours are that the compatibilty cap for memory frequency will be increased to 2400MHz.