Why Your PS4 Doesn’t Work

There’s a reason behind all this dispute of faulty and bricked consoles being shipped to customers .By the time this post has been added on the website you will see more of Sony’s bricked consoles mentioned by users on the internet.


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If you remember many tech websites covered that Foxconn a chinese company where Playstation 4’s were being manufactured and prepaired by students who were on internship . They had to do things unrelated to their field , like boxing up the PS4 units, sticking parts with glue and much more. This kind of act turned into more of a “Forced Slavery” instead of providing internship.

The “Internship” turned into a tradegy as of August – 248 students worked over at Foxconn and stated that “Since Foxconn are not treating us well, we will not treat PS4 consoles well either. The PS4 consoles we assemble can be turned on at best”. This was a direct action taken by most of the students as they purposely didn’t package Playstation 4’s to work, causing the console nothing more than giving output and getting a reboot.

Since the thread created by the student at Foxconn was just to big to be leaked and an already ruined reputation, it was taken down, but once a thing pops up on the internet, there’s no way you can prove it never happened (we have faced it also) thus the thread was screengrabbed.(We apologize for the language but this was the version saved before thread deletion)


1x1.trans Why Your PS4 Doesnt Work



Now as the Playstaion 4 has been launched in North America, we covered a list of bricked Playstation 4’s on the launch day including demo consoles from Kotaku, IGN and more. The result of the forced labour on students working overtime and night shifts during manufacturing will see more “broken” units coming up.

If you are one of those who’s Playstation 4 got manufactured over at Foxconn, I wish you best of luck with it.

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    Never buy consoles when they first release! I usually wait 6-12 months before buying one.