PS4 Black Market Sale Leads To Murder

What could be a happier moment for a console gamer than walking in to a store and buying their favorite next-gen console? Well a few people have made a good profit off such oppurtunities pre-ordering multiple consoles and reselling them at a much higher price. Emmanuel Johnson (we are not against him) was one who tried profiting from the craze of the PS4 Launch.


Playstation 4 Black Market PS4 Black Market Sale Leads To Murder


Johnson arranged a customer and a location to sell one of his pre-ordered Playstation 4’s. The time was set to be 4:30PM on the 16th of November, outside the Orlando police HQ. But the situation seemed to take an unexpected location change to Church Street for an unknown reason and whatever that reason was, it lead to his death.


Emmanuel Johnson Shot for Playstation 4 PS4 Black Market Sale Leads To Murder


Johnson was shot dead at the 700 block of West Church Street, the suspect wasn’t the person who was there to buy the console, but the purchaser was also injured during the scene. The purchaser has been hospitalized and is not in a state to speak, thus the situation remains a mystery of what really happened. Police have yet to find the indentity of the injured man.

This is not the first time that a robbery for the Playstation 4 has taken place. There were also two other robberies this Saturday in Bakersfield. This was the first robbery which lead to a death.


Person dead after Playstation 4 Trade PS4 Black Market Sale Leads To Murder


Such hype for a console isn’t a good thing and has lead to a disaster. Orlando Police has yet to release any information about the case.