Panono Panoramic Ball – A 360 Degree Image Capture Camera

As CES is coming to an end, many great gadgets and future technology have been demonstrated. And yet again we got to see a product that’s worth sharing.


Panono Panoramic Ball A 360 Degree Image Capture Camera Panono Panoramic Ball   A 360 Degree Image Capture Camera


Panono Panoramic Ball Has 36 Small Cameras

Above is the picture of a ball, but it’s not a normal one you’ll just throw or kick . This is a panoromic ball camera called Panono which has 36 small cameras attachedfor capturing your memories.

When the ball is thrown in the air, reaching the highest point before it drops, it captures a 360 degree panoromic picture. The concept was brought forward two years ago with a prototype which was the size of a football, but since then the developers have worked hard and brought to life a golf ball size panoromic camera.


108 Mega Pixel Images

The camera is cabale of capturing every activity around you in a still image (no ghosting) using 36 images stitched together giving out a total resolution of 108 mega pixels. The product developers aimed at capturing all the fun moments you have without even realizing the interference of a camera man or a person taking pictures. This goal might have been completed succesfully if the camera was covered with better soft coating instead of plastic.
All the 36 pictures are panaromized in a single picture which you can have access to with the Panono app provided by the developers. You can explore through the whole 360 degree environment around you either by moving your device in that direction, or by touch interactions and you can even capture a normal shot and share it with others.


Panono Will Crowdfund Additional Features

The Panono is to be released and shipping soon worldwide in 2 colors (black and green) but you can pre-order a Panono right now for $499 at Indiegogo. Currently theres fundraising going on for 3 more features to be included in the camera. One feature, HDR Panoromas will be added as they’ve already reached the milestone for it, while a custom API for interacting with voice controls could be added if they reach the $13000000 milestone.

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