Nvidia Geforce ShadowPlay Vs Fraps Vs Dxtory – Review and Benchmark

ShadowPlay Introduction

When competition is breathing down your neck in terms of innovation, the only adequate response is providing even better quality , especially in the field where competitors are lacking full potential. Nvidia is bringing to the table something that every gamer and youtuber has ever wanted. A piece of software (part of Nvidia’s GeForce Experience package) that will enable gamers to record their best (or worst) moments with a minimum impact on their systems performance. All that at 60 fps!


Geforce Shadowplay Nvidia Geforce ShadowPlay Vs Fraps Vs Dxtory   Review and Benchmark


Nvidia also claims that 1 minute of gameplay recorded at those 60 frames per second will take only 370 Mb on your hard drive, which is something crazy even to think about how big chunks of files are created with other pieces of recording software, such as Fraps and Dxtory. One more very nice feature from Shadowplay that was announced by Nvidia is called Shadow Mode, the ability to record the last 20 minutes of your gameplay if you have the option enabled.


When we thought about how we are going to proceed with testing this new craze, we determined that comparing it with other popular software is a must. We also wanted to investigate how big an impact on performance Nvidia’s Shadowplay will have with slower CPU’s and since we had finished that part , we tested Fraps and Dxtory with those slower alternatives as well. This was all done in order to provide the most accurate testing  and performance comparison in the game recording sphere.

  • cpy

    Agreed, i tried shadowplay, and it beats software encoders with both hands tied behind back.

  • Seabottom

    I tried shadowplay and it didn’t work. I went to the Nvidia Forums and they told me that shadowplay doesn’t work in surround mode. Like WTF? They make an awesome piece of software but it only works with single monitor usage LOL

  • guniu

    Was dxtory used with default codec? You know the biggest advantage of dxtory is ability to choose codec of your likings? I’m using dxtory with x264vfw codec and my 1min files are around 350MB. I know, shadowplay is still better cause it’s 60fps, but your 17,6GB is ridiculous. You definitely did not use dxtory as it’s supposed to be used – with decent codec.

    • Milos M

      We tried x264vfw and couldnt get it running we got a black screen. From what we were able to find out it is some error with W8.

      • blueman24

        Then you could have tried some different codec like lagarith instead of the crap stock codec.

        • Chris

          Agreed- with lagarith a fifteen minute video at 60 fps is around 10 gigs for me. Not ideal, but certainly not the 200+ gbs you’d expect with the results seen here.

  • Desa

    I really don’t know what to do, to get 14GB file size with Dxtory :D My file size is much smaller. Tip of the day – Open Broadcaster is king.

  • Fiasco

    I really appreciate the detailed informative review, but it sure would have been a lot easier to read if it had been written by somebody who at least passed high school English.

  • CamelCaseGaming

    I was starting to seriously consider shadow play in the running until the last (ish) page where you showed the quality (even if the Fraps one was clipped) which was the “gotcha” I was waiting for.

    Until the quality is comparable to Fraps or DxTory then it’s no real competition. It’s the gold standard and why Fraps is still a competitor to DxTory; even with it’s limited customization options and lack of separate audio streams.

    Still, it’s early days, I’ll follow this with interest.

  • lolbbq

    i use shadowplay and dxtory
    i like both as shadowplay is simple and even a not so bright person can use it and dxtory is very flexible and has way more settings

    but i really cant understand how you could mess up your dxtory benchmark that much
    also that x264vfw doesnt work on windows 8 is simply wrong as I have used it before as well on 8 8.1 and 8.1 update 1