Nvidia Announces GTX780Ti 12GB GDDR5 – 4K and 4K Surround Gaming

We previously stated that Nvidia would announce a GK110 based GPU  and the day has finally arrived. But as we and most people thought that the GPU would be the Ti version of the GTX 770 i.e. GTX 770 Ti,  Nvidia has gone a step further and announced the GTX 780 Ti.


Gtx780 ti announced Nvidia Announces GTX780Ti 12GB GDDR5   4K and 4K Surround Gaming


The new GTX 780 Ti is equipped with advanced technologies like Nvidia G-Sync, Nvidia GameWork, Nvidia ShadowPlay and GameStream to give an amazing and comfortable gaming experience to PC gamers.


nvidia 700 series features Nvidia Announces GTX780Ti 12GB GDDR5   4K and 4K Surround Gaming


The only words from Nvidia was that the card would be released next month and is the best solution for both 4K and 4K surround gaming, no details on specification were given out. But according to us, the GTX 780 Ti may have 2880 Cuda cores while having a 384-bit memory interface and up to 12GB GDDR5 memory. As usual, the card would need a 6+8 pin power connector just like the 780 and Titan. It would also feature a Dual-Link DVI, HDMI and display ports.


Gtx 780ti Nvidia Announces GTX780Ti 12GB GDDR5   4K and 4K Surround Gaming


From the above pictures the GPU’s body looks similar to the GTX 780 and GTX Titan, an aluminum based shroud that pushes the heat inside the large vapor chamber and a GTX 780 Ti logo made with a laser.

Since AMD announced the R7 and R9 series cards and the known Titan Killer R9 290X, we knew that Nvidia won’t just stay still and let AMD take over the market. The GTX 780 Ti seems to be the answer to that as we saw earlier in a benchmark test that the R9 290X has the upper hand on the  GTX 780, but wasn’t able to defeat the Titan. Now there is another GPU waiting in the list for AMD to reach.

No clue on the pricing was given out by Nvidia but it seems like the card should cost around $699.

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  • Dewpa

    Wow, talk about sensationalist headline…
    There is NOTHING pointing to a 12 gb gfx card for gaming. That would be extremely redundant as not even 4k gamin will need that for years.
    Even the Titans 6gb is overkill in most cases.
    Seriously some of the worst speculation ive seen regarding a cardlaunch for a long time…

    • http://www.hardwarepal.com Nikolas Nikolaou

      5760×1080 = 6220800 pixels
      4096×2160 = 8847360 pixels (4K Resolutions)
      7680×1440 = 11059200 pixels

      So to be able to push those kind of resolutions with Ultra Settings and 4XMSAA you would need a min of 4GB (thats bare minimum) on new game titles I wouldn’t even try personally with under 6GB on those settings. I am a Surround gamer myself and know the limitation when it comes to Vram.

      If you are going to be dropping settings and turning off MSAA 4GB should be enough for now.

      • Dewpa

        And thats what the titan is there for… 6gb is enough for almost anything you throw at it and the step between 6 and 12 gb is HUGE, i cant on earth understand what makes you make that assumption!?
        And making a gfx thats even MORE niche than the Titan and only useful /affordable to a minimal percentage of the userbase while at the same time wasting alot of money on the memory ending up at a superpremium price is just plain BAD BUSINESS.
        No, we will more likely see a 3-4gb “titan-clocked” card, since that is the price/performance segment 290x is targeting and this is a direct response from Nvidia to downplay AMDs launch. I can list more reasons for this if you want, while you have yet to present a single reason supporting your theory beyond “it would be cool and they might do it”.
        Seriously stop spreading bad info…

        • Milos M

          Depends on how you look at things, if you look at our BF4 Beta benchmark
          you will see that the GPU ram usage at the 2560 x 1440 resolution maxed out settings is around 2,4 GB. And we actually got some feedback from the community that users were experiencing 2,7 GB VRAM usage at those settings.If you push it to 2560 x 1600 you can reach almost 3GB. If you have a Surround setup with 3 monitors at 2560 x 1600/1440 you will see that the Titans 6GB wont be enough since it will probably reach around 9 GB of VRam usage. Of course one card wouldn’t have enough horsepower to run the game at those settings but a SLI configuration might do the the trick. So the need for cards with increased memory capacity exists and as we go along, with the release of the next gen consoles and next gen titles as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if that repeats it self in other games, especially in those games that will use the Frostbite 3 Engine. You are saying that it would be a bad business move for Nvidia to make a 12Gb card , however they did just fine with the GTX Titan where they managed to sell a gtx 780 at 500-600 bucks, that was the main point of the marketing move. Having a GTX Titan is a matter of prestige, and will be also the case with the GTX 780 Ti 12Gb (if it really does have 12 GB) for people who want nothing but the best and have money to pay for it.

        • Mr V

          The only one spreading bad info here is you. You honestly just come across as an upset AMD fan boy. ” different people have had extremely valid points for why 12 GB is not overkill and you blew it off as rubbish like a fan boy would

          • niabureth

            The 384-bit memory bus is simply not made effective on more than 3GB of memory. 6GB on Titan means that those last 3GB of ram has to share the memory bus with the first 3GB’s. Adding another 6GB would increase the latency even more.

            The memory buss would have to be at least twice as wide to be able to effectively accomodate the added memory. No way this is going to happen.

  • JC

    I dont think it will be $699 unless the Titan gets a price drop. 12GB of GDDR5 for just $50 more than a GTX 780? I dont think so. I am thinking around $799 and the Titan should be like $699 and the 780 may drop to like $599.

  • http://www.hardwarepal.com Nikolas Nikolaou

    Niabureth I think sometimes people overcomplicate things. The GTX780 has the exact same specs on the Memory Interface Width (384bit) and Memory Bandwidth 288.4 (GB/sec) with the Titan (6GB).

    The GTX780 is offered in a 3GB version for now and rumours about a 4, 5 or 6GB version are speculations but one of the three will be released.

    Having 12GB GDDR5 will add latency (for this generation of gpus) but is not a bad thing for Nvidia. When your 6GB Sli-Tri-4 Way Titans starts choking on anything over 6144MB with heavily modded or newly release games on uber resolutions and settings you will get pissed off.

    When pushing that kind of setup ( Which will cost you something more than $4K on the cheap side – SLI for example ) it means you are an extreme enthusiast (small percentage of users) that has enough money to **kick,slap,break,resell** your pc because other users are getting the next best (GTX780Ti) for less and have better performance.

    Nvidia always does the best upselling/reselling on there products (They have a marketing strategy that is amazing imo) We realise it and still are early adopters , then we sit back look at our systems change to the next card *790* , 800 series , 900 series etc etc. This is a never ending war .

    The flagship graphic cards are a very small share of the market but the most profitable.

    Glad you found us :)

  • Dewpa


    Whaaat did i say? Its a DIRECT response to 290x, not a cannibalisation of titan a few months after launch while using the inferior cards name. Nothing about going higher than titan made any sense, ive still to see one reasonable argument that holds up to scrutiny when you start looking at the market and not just “OMG I NEEDZ FPS”…

    “The flagship graphic cards are a very small share of the market but the most profitable.”
    Please give me a source on that?
    Ive never heard anything like that, Its kinda hard to beleive that the money would lie in segment with the smallest amount of units sold…
    Even if the margin would be huge for the superhighend cards, which i doubt, the would never reach the revenue made by the huge number of midrange cards sold. The high end cards sell an image, and yes they may be profitable but a worth SO MUCH MORE as marketing. That said doesnt mean its worth trying to outdo yourself with putting retarded amount of hardware on cards. This isnt a macho-driven business, but more performance driven. Your Mhz/ghz/gb/GTs etc doesnt mean shit if it doesnt perform…
    And building a card with ram made for 0,5‰ (and here im generous!) of the market just screams BAD BUSINESS!