NOKIA’s Temporary CEO – “Big Plans” For The Next 150 Years


We are not kidding, this really happened which gives a new ironic and absurd dimension about Nokia’s fallout. After Microsoft bought NOKIA’s phone business for $7,2 billion its hard not to laugh when a management who failed in projecting NOKIA’s future for the past 6-7 years is now projecting NOKIA’s next 150. This brings a certain touch of comedy in IT, which we don’t get often enough. Risto Silasmaa, Nokia’s CEO, in his interview released a few day ago, after  explaining three main focus points in Nokia’s  future business ventures which ends with: “I believe this is the beginning of the next 150 years of Nokia’s story”.

Risto Silasmaa 568x600 NOKIAs Temporary CEO   Big Plans For The Next 150 Years

For those of you who don’t know Nokia is one of the oldest companies in the world, it was formed in 1865 and by now is 148 years old. This company is actually older than many countries in the world. Since its beginning in the middle of the 19th century  and throughout the 20th, NOKIA has changed its portfolio like no company has ever done. At the start this company was about manufacturing rubber (tires and boots) as well as paper production, around 100 years ago (1912) NOKIA spread into the cable manufacturing business as well. During the whole 20th century NOKIA was all about cables and consumer electronics, until the 1990’s where they focused their potential in telecommunications. Since the 90’s and by 2005/06 Nokia established itself as one of the global leaders in telecommunications and as the largest cell phone manufacturer in the world. What happened later you can read in one of our previous articles but we want to talk about Nokia’s present efforts.

Risto Silasmaa states that Nokia will focus all of its energy and potential in three directions: NSN, HERE, and Advanced Technologies.

NSN (Nokia Solutions and Networks) is is a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment company focused on broadband, HERE is based on former Navteq, the company Nokia bought 5 years ago , this service is about digital data mapping. It is already available on Windows Phone maps and it is in Nokia’s attention to spread this business to cars aswell.

Advanced Technologies is, from what we gathered,  a main generator of ideas, research and development as well as the the patent keeper. With a patent portfolio worth around $6 billion with around 30,000 utility  and 8,500 design patents. If nothing works Nokia can always grant access to is patent for a considerable amount of money (in Microsoft’s case a 10-year deal worth $2.17 billion) and we can already see that the vast majority of this R&D conundrum will be made out of lawyers specialized in patent laws . In his interview Silasmaa states: “We’ve already established a successful patent and technology licensing operation,”   which means that this patent licensing is an ongoing thing and that there are no ideas where this company will or should go.  And this is basically it, once the largest cell phone manufacturer,  will now continue its existence as a patent troll and a provider of map data for cars.

As we said in the start it is kind of strange that the same management that was blind with changes in the mobile market and the same people who brought Stephen Elop onboard as Nokia’s CEO, run the company into the ground and forced an acquisition from Microsoft and still continue to call the shots without any true changes…

The next 150 years look peachy for Nokia , if they can survive the next five…