MSI GT630 Worth $2997 on Amazon

Some mistakes are just to big to be left unmentioned. Two months ago we showed TigerDirect Selling an AMD HD7770 with Nvidia’s logo on it and now there’s a MSI GT630 4GB Edition being sold for $2997 over at


Msi Gt630 worth 2997 MSI GT630 Worth $2997 on Amazon

The retail cost of the card is usually around $60-80, which is about $2920 less then the listing. The card isn’t even worth the buy unless you are building a low-leveling gaming rig. It seems like this retailer is trying to trick people without knowledge about graphic cards or this typo is at a whole new trolling level.

About the retailer, they seem to have an good average score of just over 90%, but whatever the case we’ve captured the image just incase the typing mistake has been sorted out and you miss your “WOW!!” moment .