Man Sets 11000 Game Collection World Record – All Worth $800.000

A gaming enthusiast from New York, called Michael Thomasson, is now officially a Guinness World record holder. He has the most game titles in the world, even more then the previous record holder called Richard Lecce, who held the record from 2010 counting 8616 games.


Guiness world record in having most games 2014 Michael Thomasson Man Sets 11000 Game Collection World Record   All Worth $800.000


Thomasson’s game library is quite impressive since it had (at the moment counting took place) 10607 games, but now his game collection counts a total of 11 000 units, all valued at around $800.000.

Game Title Record Holder Also Owns All Consoles

He doesn’t only have games but he also owns all consoles that have been released. Not only all Xboxes and Playstations, he also has the Casio Loopy console specifically made for girls and released in Japan and Pipin as well as a Apple’s console, from the days when the company from Cupertino wasn’t that good in predicting the consumer needs, which ended up in almost being a total failure.


Where Did All This Love For Video Games Come From?

When he was a twelve year old his grandparents bought him a game called Cosmic Avenger, assuming that his parents had already bought him the gaming system called Colecovision. Since that was not the case and young Michael had to wait a whole year in order for his parent to eventually buy him the particular gaming system, that wait probably caused him to get every single game in the world ever released.

This is his third collection so far, he sold his first collection in 1989 in order to buy a Sega Genesis. In 1998 he sold his game collection again in order to pay for his wedding. Since that last reset, Thomasson has been resilient in getting his hands on every single game title he could find with a strict $3000 yearly budget. His wife JoAnn seems to approve (or at least doesn’t mind) this sort of behavior since as Michael stated: “I was heavy into collecting when we married so she knew what she was getting into.”


Guiness world record in having most games 2014 Michael Thomasson basement Man Sets 11000 Game Collection World Record   All Worth $800.000


Oddly enough (or not), Thomasson hasn’t played every game that he has since he has a five year old daughter called Anna and a regular job where he teaches 2d animation, game design and the history of video games at Canisius College in Buffalo.
“I probably get three hours of playing in a week,” he said. “If I’m lucky.”

Life can really get strange sometimes  when you finally get what you want, but you dont have the time to enjoy it. However Michael does look like a happy man.


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