A Reddit user while tampering with the Battlefield 4 audio files found something very peculiar. In these files you can hear very interesting things and come up with even more interesting conclusions about Levolution.


Levolution Was Planned For Battlefield 4 DLC China Rising But Where Is It Levolution Was Planned For Battlefield 4 China Rising But Where Is It ?


First of all Levolution was originally planned for all 4 maps in BF4: China Rising DLC. In the Altai Range as the round progresses a snow storm should take place. For Silk Road as in Gulf of Oman (Second Assault DLC only available for Xbox One at the moment) sand storms come into action. Guilin Peaks receive fog that fall after some period of time and as for Dragon Pass it is unknown, maybe the rain would start falling or maybe some kind of flood should appear as in Flood Zone. Its hard to tell since there are no audio files for that map.


Dice Drops Levolution

Why has DICE decided to drop the Levolution is something to think about, maybe they were lacking human resources since some of developers were focused on fixing bugs (and there were a lot of them) and some of the the developers were on vacation. So the best thing they could do is drop it and dont do anything. There were a few more features that have been left out:

-You were supposed to be able to freely switch between commander and infantry without having to leave and rejoin the server.

-If you happened to level up in the field, nearby soldiers would compliment you (sound files divided into 5 tiers).


Battlefield 4 Upcoming Changes

Since the DICE developers are now back from vacation (or at least some of them) let us hope they will add these features that have been planned, balancing of certain weapons and vehicles has already been announced. Also Battlefield 4 needs 64 tic rate servers which none of the DICE developers are even mentioning when they talk about the up coming tweaks and changes.. Whatever the case may be, people at DICE better pull up their sleeves, since this game requires even more patches and updates (17 until now) in order for user to be playable and have a good experience.


5 Responses

  1. Tilen Pelko

    can they still add the levolution and these 2 features (free switching between commander and infantry and soldiers compliments after leveling up)?

    • nutcrackr

      Compliments are already in there. The other features they could most certainly add but they would probably be a heft patch because they would need to replace the maps.

  2. DJexs

    The congratulations where not taken out I hear them all the time when I level up.


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