Left 4 Dead 2 Free On Steam !

Steam, most of the time is the place where you go if you want to buy a game for cheap, but Valve once in awhile can make some very appealing offers and lets face it nothing beats the “FREE” price tag. Since Christmas spirit  is all around and sharing is something that everyone should do, Valve has stepped up and is giving one of its best games out for the past years absolutely free. A very nice jester from the publisher and is certainly something all publishers should do once in awhile, or at least just for Christmas.


Left4Dead2 free on Steam Left 4 Dead 2 Free On Steam !


For those of you who dont know Left 4 Dead 2 it’s a first person shooter survival co-op game where you will be dealing with hordes and hordes of voracious zombies where skill and good communication with your team mates is essential if you want to survive. This is definitely one of those games which are perfect if you want to let of some steam (no pun intended). This game gets an absolute recommendation from the HardwarePal team!

You can download Left 4 Dead 2 for free here, of course you will need to Install the Steam client and make an account if you haven’t done that already.