Just Cause 2 Now Goes Multiplayer

Just Cause 2 is a free-roaming game just like the GTA series, but features many special combo moves and is famous for its grappling hook. But unlike GTA it didn’t have a multiplayer mode , until now that is.

The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mode has been in development for a few months by users over at Jc-Mp, and today they have announced that they are ready to launch the Final public Beta for the multiplayer, which will run from the 7th of December until the 14th. In the Final beta the last issues will be solved before the official release of the mp game to the public.


Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Just Cause 2 Now Goes Multiplayer


The developers of JC2-MP also scored big with getting the multiplayer accepted on Steam. You can download the server and client just like any other game with full integration and progress states (if there’s a leveling system that is).

“On release, you’ll be able to download the client and server from Steam, just like a normal game. This means complete Steam integration, including joining on your friends and more”

Since the game is in beta, even though a public beta you need to acquire a key to redeem on Steam (The keys can be found here). When the full release of the mode launches, you can directly download it from Steam for free.

After the beta, there will be a gap of a few days for improvements and optimization:

“Of course, before we release, we need to ensure that 0.1.0 is rock-solid. This beta test will let us work out the final issues, and give everyone a chance to play in the biggest demonstration of chaos this year.”

One thing they clearly stated is that “come hell or high water, JC2-MP is coming out this year!”

  • Sabun

    Yes! Me and a couple of buddies have been waiting on this. Just Cause 2 is serious fun, and with multi-player I can only imagine it being even better.