iPhone 5S Specs Leaked

If you were thinking you were going to have a day without Apple news you were wrong. As we already informed you , Apple has scheduled the iPhone 5S and 5C release for tomorrow, September 10th,and has been doing its best to stop any leaks concerning its new products. However, The Chinese site called CtechCN has got its hands on some iPhone 5S promotional material witch shows the iPhone 5S specifications and from what we can see its nothing spectacular.

iPhone5S iPhone 5S Specs Leaked

The iPhone 5S will feature a A7 CPU, iOS 7 platform, Dual LED 8MP camera with a F2.0 wide lens capable of capturing video in 1080p in 120fps. New biometric features that have been rumored before as well as fingerprint scan it will also come with the new 5S. Display resolution which will remain the same (1136 x 640), but apparently this smartphone will have much better autonomy (Apple claims 250 hours in idle) compared to its predecessors since the new CPU will be less power consuming.
It is still unknown about what specifications the iPhone 5C will have, but our guess is that it won’t be much of a different compared to the 5S; plastic casing, slower CPU and older camera are our best guess.