Intel Hires 16 Year Old For New Devices Group

There are many times when youngsters amaze us , something that happened last year at the White House Science Fair  ,when a 15 year old 8th grader Joey Hudy demonstrated his marshmallow cannon made out of PVC pipes to President Barack Obama.

 Intel Hires 16 Year Old For New Devices Group Intel Hires 16 Year Old For New Devices Group

Everything Started With A Marshmallow Cannon

Obama was amazed and even asked Joey to shoot a marshmallow inside the White House, the President congratulated him on the project, but that’s not where his journey ends. Since then this smart kid has been in multiple science fairs and has already worked on Arduino microcontroller boards and built a Solar-Powered computer.



Intel’s Ceo Brain Krzanich Spots Joey’s Talent

But a life changing opportunity came to Joey this October, when he attended the Rome Maker Fair and was spotted by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich. Brain hired him for Intel and now Joey will be working in Intel’s New Devices Group product development organization. He’ll go back to high school in Autumn. Thomas Ajluni who is a human resources recruiter working with the Intel’s New Devices Group said, “We delivered the offer last week and were pleased to get his acceptance.”


Youngest Person To Be Hired For Intel Corporate Internship Program

Joey is the youngest kid Intel has ever hired at age 16. He is the youngest person to take part in Intel’s corporate internship program which is usualy for college-level students. His intelligence just doesn’t end there, Joey has also been marked as “one of the 10 smartest kids in the world” on .

This last week, Joey Hudy attended the new employee orientation at the Intel campus in Chandler Ariz. His thoughts after becoming a intern for Intel was posted on his personal blog:

“What a awesome place. It was so fun. I can’t wait to start making cool stuff!!”