Ice xPC – A Pocket Sized Modular PC

Most PC’s are big, bulky and definitely not portable unless you compromise the performace and get a laptop, which is still great but again, laptops are relatively less bulky but at the same time you need to carry them with you. Is it possible that you can just slide the power of a PC into your pocket?


Ice xPC A Pocket Sized Modular PC Ice xPC   A Pocket Sized Modular PC

Ice Modular xPC

The ICE xPC is a modular PC,  it doesn’t have a fixed configration. The PC weighs a mere 4 ounces, and packs the power of a laptop or a mid range desktop computer. The main component can be attached to a xPad (display) to power it up and use, the xKeyboard can be attached to ease typing, more parts can be added in a similar way to increase the productivity of the device.


Ice xPc Pocket Device Ice xPC   A Pocket Sized Modular PC

xPC Specifications

The xPC is planned to have 4GB of RAM, an x86 Intel Bay Trail quad-core processor and a 64GB SSD. Along with a copy of Windows 8, you’ll get a gyro sensor, accelerometer, camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, each as a module.


The xPad

The xPad is a 10 inch, touch enabled display which acts as the home for the xPC. The device has a resolution of either 1960 x 1200 or 1280 x 800. It will have builtin 32 GB and 128 GB SSDs .


xPad for Ice xPc Ice xPC   A Pocket Sized Modular PC


Price & Availability

The device is said to be available in July 2014. The cheapest you can get it would be for around $260, which is relatively low considering that the device is a “one of a kind”.