Geforce GTX Titan Black Edition Leaked

Posted on Nov 26 2013 - 8:27pm by Nikolas Nikolaou
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Earlier this month a rumor aired online of Nvidia working on a Black Edition version, initially mentioned was a GTX780Ti Black Edition which would feature 6GB or 12GB VRAM. Well the news has taken a slight turn as it was thought that the card receiving such special treatment wasn’t an updated  GTX 780Ti but recently on a chinese forum 2 pictures of a Black GTX Titan appeared with very little information.


GTX Titan Black Edition Geforce GTX Titan Black Edition Leaked


Possibilites are many, the card maybe a custom paint job or a custom made shroud by a hardcore Nvidia fan or may be an engineering sample which never came out.

If Nvidia is actually in the working on a GTX Titan Black Edition further information may come out about the card in the near future, nonetheless it looks awesome in a black shround rather than the regular grey color. The cooler was one of the great acheivement by Nvidia, which unfortunately AMD failed to achieve causing their flagship cards to reach over 95C just on the reference clocks. That’s the exact reason why Nvidia is still using the cooler created for the GTX Titan in the current-gen cards as a referrence cooler and having a black theme just takes it to the next level.



GTX Titan 6GB or 12GB Vram rumoured Geforce GTX Titan Black Edition Leaked


Whatever the case, if this card is going to be a future release by Nvidia we suspect it will have a hard time entering the market. There are so many varying factors another premium priced GTX Titan would have especially as it would be dedicated to the extreme enthusiasts with money to burn.


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