Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

We benchmark the power  of a Gtx680 Sli setup in both single and surround monitor configurations  . When someone buys 2 of these cards in Sli they are without doubt going to get into overclocking, as its not your casual gamer type of card. As its easy to overclock I find a mild stable overclock of 1185mhz on the core and 6600mhz on the ram.The resolutions we shall benchmark test are 1920×1080 with a single monitor and 5760×1080 in surround, to give you a detailed review of what these cards are capable of doing in a variety of games and settings. These are reference Asus 2Gb versions, so it should be similar to what performance you would be getting with any reference 2Gb cards from most manufacturers. I have added evga backplates and hi flow air brackets to get temperatures 2-3 degrees lower.

Sli%20Gtx680s 0 Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

Sli%20Gtx680%20in%20case 0 Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

Asus%20reference%202gb%20680 0 Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

 Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

You can check out the benchmark system my personal custom pc build here. The only difference is that the 3930k is now at 4.4ghz not 4ghz as stated.

Gtx680 Sli Witcher 2 Benchmarks 1920×1080 Single Monitor

We take a run through the arena killing the first 3 fighters turn towards the cliff and then kill the archer.

Witcher%202%201920x1080%20low%20specs%20benchmark Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

1920×1080 Low Specs

Min : 162 fps  Avg : 247.5 fps  Max  : 285 fps

Witcher%202%201920x1080%20medium%20specs%20benchmark Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

1920×1080 Medium Specs

Min : 137 fps  Avg : 161.2 fps  Max  : 186 fps

Witcher%202%20gtx680%20Sli%201920x1080%20High%20Specs%20Benchmark Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

1920×1080 High Specs

Min : 116 fps  Avg : 139.1 fps  Max  : 161 fps

Witcher%202%20Benchmark%20Gtx680%20Sli%201920x1080%20Ultra%20Specs%20Ubersampling%20On Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

1920×1080 Ultra Specs (Ubersampling On)

Min : 57 fps  Avg : 67.5 fps  Max  : 72 fps

We see that the Gtx680 sli configuration has no trouble running the game @ 1920×1080. The game was very smooth even with ultra specs and ubersampling on.

Gtx680 Sli Witcher 2 5760×1080 Surround Benchmarks

Witcher%202%20Gtx%20680%20Sli%205760x1080%20Low%20Spec%20Benchmark%20 Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Surround Low Specs

Min :  77 fps  Avg : 81.7  fps  Max  : 88 fps

Witcher%202%20Gtx%20680%20Sli%205760x1080%20Medium%20Spec%20Benchmark Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Medium Specs

Min : 57 fps  Avg :  63.9 fps  Max  : 68  fps

Witcher%202%20gtx680%20Sli%205760x1080%20High%20Specs%20Benchmark Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 High Specs

Min :  44fps  Avg :  51.4 fps  Max  : 57 fps

Witcher%202%20Gtx680%20sli%205760x1080%20Benchmark%20Ultra%20Specs%20with%20Ubersampling%20On Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Surround Ultra Specs (Ubersampling On)

Min :  21 fps  Avg : 24.5 fps  Max  : 28  fps

All settings seem to play smoothly at this huge resolution, other than the ultra specs because of the ubersampling (Maximum antialiasing).  With ubersampling on, other than objects shining more I felt that it didn’t give enough in graphics quality to overcome the framerates being cut in half. We see that even with 2gb memory there seems to be no vram bottleneck and no huge fps drops, the Nvidia 600 series seems to utilize the memory well in combination with the well configured Witcher 2 texture allocation.

Gtx 680 Sli Unigine Heaven 3.0 Benchmark

We test the Gtx680’s in a synthetic benchmark . This is one of the benchmarkers favorites for testing overclock stability.

Heaven%203.0%20Benchmark%20Gtx680%20Sli%201920x1080%20Max%20Settings Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

1920×1080 Max Settings

Min : 30 fps Avg : 87.6 fps  Max : 184 fps

Score : 2276

Heaven%203.0%20Benchmark%20Gtx680%20Sli%205760x1080 Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Surround Max Settings (Antialiasing off)

Min : 20 fps Avg : 56.5 fps  Max : 149 fps

Score 1439

Bf3 680 Sli Benchmarks

You all know Battlefield 3, I tested the cards on a single player campaign in the parking lot, with rockets flying around and alot of enemy gunfire. I was using both sniper and normal shooting in the benchmarks. We will go straight to the Surround tests as it played the 1920×1080 ultra settings (4xAA) at over 75+ fps  constantly with no huge  frame rate drops.

Depth of field of 70 (default) on all Benchmarks

Battlefield%203%205760x1080%20Sli%20680s%20Low%20preset Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Low settings preset

Min :  94 fps Avg : 111 fps  Max : 195 fps

Battlefield%203%205760x1080%20Surround%20Sli%20680%20Medium%20preset Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Medium settings preset

Min :  83 fps Avg : 92 fps  Max : 105 fps

Battlefield%203%20Gtx680%20Sli%205760x1080%20Surround%20High%20preset Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 High settings preset

Min : 67 fps Avg :  76.9 fps  Max : 88  fps

Bf3%20Gtx680%20Sli%205760x1080%20Ultra%20Setting%204xAA Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Ultra settings (4xAA) preset

Min : 48 fps Avg : 54.3 fps  Max :  65 fps

As you can see every setting runs pretty well on the Gtx680 Sli configuration even with ultra settings in singleplayer mode . If you play online in multiplayer mode high settings will be the perfect fit to run it even smoother.

Crysis 2 680 Sli Benchmarks

I take a run through the first episode in open terrain killing the enemies to get the 2gb memory bandwidth working.

Crysis%202%20Gtx680%20Sli%201920x1080%20Hardcore%20Settings Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

1920×1080 Hardcore Settings

Min :  92 fps Avg : 114.2  fps  Max : 135  fps

Crysis%202%20Gtx680%20Sli%205760x1080%20Hardcore%20Settings Gtx 680 Sli Benchmark

5760×1080 Hardcore Settings

Min : 57 fps Avg : 67.50 fps Max : 91 fps


In general I am very happy to say that my money wasn’t wasted. Alot of criticism has been done against Nvidia about its 600 series release but it proves exactly the opposite especially in Sli.

Cards used in benchmark Asus 2gb reference.

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