GTA V – Stimulus Package Bonus

 GTA V Stimilus Package GTA V   Stimulus Package Bonus


UPDATE Rockstar has delayed the Stimulus Package

If you’re a console gamer and own a copy of GTA V and have played it online for a while in the month of October, you just ended up making $500k in-game money for yourself, Yes that’s right..!! Rockstar’s huge success “GTA V” had a few glitches in its multiplayer mode on the launch which included loss of purchases, disappearing characters, vehicles flying in the clouds etc etc.

To make all the GTA V online players happy , Rockstar is going to make in-game transactions to your account in the coming update they call “Stimulus Package“ next week, which provides a better gaming experience with less bugs. Of course it’s a huge game so there will be bugs found in future, till then the “Stimulus Package” is all for the current problems faced by many GTA V players.

 Grand Theft Auto V 500k in game money free GTA V   Stimulus Package Bonus


“Players will first have to install a forthcoming GTAV title update which we expect to happen next week. That title update (1.04) is expected to fix the remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss and will also enable the functionality through which we’ll be providing this GTA $ stimulus cash to players.” and “Each of the two GTA $250,000 deposits will be made by Rockstar and should automatically appear in the in-game GTA Online bank accounts of eligible players” said Rockstar.

According to the second statement it seems like you’ll be given transaction in 2 parts of $250K in-game money. If bought from store the in-game money would cost around £6.99 / $11.15, so it’s a nice way to please their fans who’ve been trying to enjoy their second in-game life, peacefully in GTA V, well of course it’s GTA so there isn’t peace found in there.

UPDATE Rockstar has delayed the Stimulus Package