GTA V Might Come Out For PC Soon

According to an image which surfaced online, GTA V might be coming out for PC today. A support officer named “Fatima” from Amazon, in a support question claimed the release dates.


GTA V for Pc Might Come Out Very Soon GTA V Might Come Out For PC Soon


With Amazon’s Online support a person named “Ich” asked whether they have any information on the GTA V release for PC. The answer most of you have been waiting for was mentioned.

Amazon Support Mentions GTA V PC Release

The chat is in another language but here’s the translation for it:
“Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima [...]. According to our information, GTA V PC will be announced on the 12/24/13 and according to our source, it will be released in the US on 03/12 and here on the 03/14.”


Gta V PC Rumour GTA V Might Come Out For PC Soon



It is not like we can’t trust Amazon as a source of release information, but due to it being support staff we are skeptical. Amazon had already leaked a few release dates for games and was the very first retailer to leak the accurate release dates of both the PC versions of Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

Previous Rumours for GTA V PC Release

But what can’t be trusted is the image, which might have been altered with Photoshop. Ofcourse if the release dates are not accurate there have been many hints before that a release of GTA V PC will be present, involving detection of GTA V in AMD’s Catalyst Driver and leaked images of GTA V running on PC.

Rockstar Support Mentions Some Great News ( Probably GTA V for PC)

Nevertheless Rockstar support also tweeted that there’s some great news coming in a few days, which might hint the announcement of GTA V for PC.