GTA 5 Online Gets Custom Missions Created By Players

Gamers who play GTA 5 Online will receive the first custom missions created by their fellow gamers in a few days. The first batch of missions have been approved by Rockstar.


Gta 5 Custom Missions GTA 5 Online Gets Custom Missions Created By Players



GTA V Online Custom Missions That Have Been Approved

In one of the preapproved missions there is a track like NASCAR’s, one on top of a skyscraper, as well as fights (with bare hands) in the prison yard. Rockstar plans to increase the number of approved missions in the future. These missions are now available only for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players, regardless on which platform they were created for. More approved missions will be released in the next year, as well as a DLC for the singleplayer and player achievements for multiplayer.

There is news about GTA titles on mobile platforms as well, GTA: San Andreas still has problems with performance on Android based systems, even if you have a smartphone with very strong hardware specifications.

On the other hand thats not such big of a problem, if you consider that the game hasn’t even been released for Windows 8 Phones although it has been expected. Also GTA: Chinatown Wars has made a comeback on iTunes now with support for Retina displays for iPhone 4 and 4S smart phones.

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    On a different note, I hope they’re really working on a PC version.