11 Great Games for Android

Android Smartphone and tablet gaming can be fun for casual players and those who consider themselves hardcore enthusiasts. The iOS platforms have traditionally had a marked edge in the number of available games, but as the market share between the models closes so does the gap in number of games. Even at current levels, it can be hard to sift through the massive list of options, so we will look at some of the better games available for both smartphones and tablets.

best%20android%20game 0 11 Great Games for Android

Angry Birds and All Its Versions.

It is simply too difficult to ignore the popularity and appeal of Angry Birds. The concept is a simple one executed well: you use tiny bird heads as slingshot ammunition in an attempt to destroy other creatures hiding in the terrain and structures. There are enough versions of the game available to keep you busy for a long time.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is far and away one of the most popular “old school” RPGs of all time, hailing from the 16 bit era of gaming. The storyline is enchanting and has multiple endings, affording tons of replay value. The gameplay is typical of RPGs and uses the Active Time Battle system that has been included in many Square-Enix games.

World of Goo

World of Goo has all the fun of playing with a weird, sticky substance with none of the mess. It is a physic based puzzle game that has won multiple awards for its gameplay design and innovation. You spend the game constructing structures out of different types of goo in order to overcome obstacles. Like Angry Birds, the game is simple in concept but executes itself incredibly, and it can be picked up or set down at will.

Organ Trail

No, the title is not a type. Oregon Trail is a gaming classic, and Organ Trail takes the basic concept to a whole new level by adding in zombies. For the most part, the game will be familiar to those who have played the original game, with variations such as a top-down shooting experience where you salvage materials that you find, instead of hunting for game.

Bag It

Bag It is a Tetris-like game that throws a few unique twists and designs into the classic gameplay. Instead of randomly picked shapes, you attempt to fit grocery items into a bag while making patterns. It is still Tetris at heart, so there is decently challenging gameplay at the higher levels and a lighthearted casual experience otherwise.

Fruit Ninja

At its core, Fruit Ninja is really just drawing your finger around the screen at the prompting of the game display. When set to the visuals of a ninja slicing through fruit like a sideshow attraction, it becomes mindlessly addictive. There is not much depth of story or gameplay in Fruit Ninja, but it is an awesome way to kill a few minutes and aiming for high scores can be somewhat fun.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.

Tamagotchi, a gaming fad in the mid-1990s, was a pet caretaking simulator that was contained within a keychain sized device. This fact made it one of the original portable games that were more reasonably priced than a Gameboy or GameGear plus games, though the graphics of a Tamagotchi device were even more basic than either handheld console. The game has been updated for the new millennium with color, better graphics, and more options.


There are so many versions of poker and varying apps for the game that it is hard to just pick one to show up on the list. More importantly, having poker on hand can be a great way to fill both short breaks with nothing else to do and longer trips where you would otherwise be twiddling your thumbs.

Soldiers versus Aliens

This game is in the basic defense genre, and puts you in the role of soldiers holding the line against a horde of advancing and creepy extraterrestrials. If you have played Plants Vs Zombies, the concept is essentially the same.

Arel Wars 2

To venture over to the related Tower Defense genre, here we have Arel Wars 2. It is more than just a simple Tower D game, though. You can choose from three factions with different leaders, it is loaded with RPG elements for progression, and there is even the ability to enjoy player versus player competition.

PewPew 2

PewPew 2 is a multidirectional bullet hell shooter that is similar to the popular game Geometry Wars and its sequels. The graphics are simple geometrical shapes which makes it the Tetris of shooting games. The design is simplistic and results in an amazingly fun and almost endlessly replayable game. There are multiple unlockables and eight game modes.