Once again a rumor has appeared that Google is building their own custom server processors which will feature the ARM architecture. A news report from Bloomberg claims that some “insider” has told them that Google might be working on their own custom server processors supporting the low-powered ARM architecture, the person wasn’t disclosed as they said it to be a private matter.


Google Might Build Their Own Custom Server Processors Based On ARM Google Might Build Their Own Custom Server Processors Based On ARM



Lately Google have been interested in robotics and chips, they look forward to further improving the services they provide as Liz Markman a spokeswoman from Google said:

“We are actively engaged in designing the world’s best infrastructure,” “This includes both hardware design (at all levels) and software design.”

Markman declined to comment on whether Google is developing their own server processor, but if they are, this may be a threat to Intels market as Google is their fifth largest customer sharing a 4.3% of it’s total revenue.

On the other hand, building custom servers might be a good idea as they could build processors that are only dedicated to services provided by Google. Building a dedicated server for searches, videos, images, communication, stores, mail etc would decrease the power consumption but also would provide a better understanding and addition to their own product.

Intel may see a decrease but previously Andrew Feldman from AMD has also mentioned that in near future large webscale companies would rather be developing their own processors instead of buying them from 3rd parties. And it seems Google is going to take that exact route.


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