First AMD ARM-Based Opteron Processor

AMD first released the 64-bit x86 Opteron processors back in 2003, and now they are upgrading to make use of the ARMv8 architecture next year on their new Opterons.


First ARM Based Opteron Processor First AMD ARM Based Opteron Processor


According to the official blog post, the chip is codenamed “Seattle”. Seattle’s Arm Processor  will make use of either 4 cores or 8 cores which will be decided later.

But what comes along with the new Opteron Processors is support for a high-bandwidth integrated memory controller capable of holding up to 128GB ECC memory along with integrated 10Gb/sec Ethernet connectivity and AMD’s revolutionary Freedom™ fabric.

ARM-based processors are usually found in the SOC devices, Microsoft have already started working on the new Kernal version of Windows RT and Windows Phone to support the new Opteron based ARMv8 SOC, beside that Linux 3.7 and above versions will also support the new chip. Where as server and workstation goes the Seattle offers low-power processing in the fast growing dense server space.

Hopefully more details are to be mentioned and maybe a release date at CES 2014 on the 6th of January.