We will be looking at PC performance with our F1 2014 benchmark testing a “polished” version of last years engine on two different resolutions 1080p and 4K with our R9-290, GTX970 and GTX680.

Codemasters has released its latest iteration in the Formula 1 race car simulator series , F1 2014. Most of the next gen F1 fans will be disappointed to hear that they have opted out of releasing the game on XBone and PS4 and will be an exclusive for older consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) and PC until the new engine will be released next year.

I personally enjoy a good race simulator for some fast past action , one of the sole reasons I moved to three monitors back in the start of 2012. When your pushing that many pixels and/or a multi gpu setup your bound for a few headaches in most games, this year I moved to a 4K monitor which seems to be somewhat better in terms of plug and playability, as its a single monitor running a native resolution.


F1 2014 Screenshot


The F1 title back then was impressive to say the least I enjoyed the gameplay aswell as the graphics, something that was not apparent as soon as I started up this years version.


The installation of the game seemed somewhat small taking up roughly 6GB of hard drive space , other than a few extra tracks theres not much going on in the game. They have dropped the classic cars we saw in last years title and stuck with the basics.


F1 2014 4K Screenshot


On a single R9-290 upon first launch the game opened up on a windowed 800×600 resolution on our Asus PB287Q 4K monitor, strange to say the least. I alt+entered to full screen mode and saw the intro videos . After looking at a big Xbox controller during the loading screen with the key maps I played the forced tutorial race then moved into the graphics option menu , using my keyboard as there is no apparent mouse support in the menus.


 Testing Components

F1 2014 Benchmark System

CPU i7 3930K 4.3Ghz
Motherboard Asus P9X79 Deluxe
RAM Kingston Hyper-X 16GB 1600mhz
HDD/SSD Crucial M550 256GB
GPU Galax GTX970 EXOC 4GB , MSI R9-290 Gaming 4S, Asus GTX680 2GB Reference
Monitor Asus PB287Q 28″ 4K 60Hz 1MS
PSU Corsair AX1200W
OS Windows 8.1
Drivers Nvidia: 344.16 WHQL (GTX970), 344.11 WHQL (GTX680), AMD: Catalyst 14.9


We decided to leave our CPU overclocked from the Firestrike Ultra benchmark we did a few days ago.



Luckily for all of us theres a benchmark tool built into the game like most Codemaster titles. It runs a lap with full AI like you would have in a normal race. This is sufficient enough to see how our systems fair and the performance we can get.


F1 2014 Graphics Options


We won’t be using our usual playability test or SLI and Crossfire as the graphics are some of the weakest we have seen in any of the latest race titles. Theres a few options for presets Ultra Low, Low , Medium , High and Automatic.The automatic function is broken as it picks a mix of medium detail at 1080p while our initial test card can run the highest preset (Ultra) on the highest resolution (4K) very easily.

We test only the ultra preset with 4xMSAA on 1080p and 4K on the internal benchmark.


Image Comparison

You might wonder what the reason is for just displaying some 4K images rather than a whole set of all resolutions and presets. The game is a PC port from the Xbox 360 and PS3 with no addition work done for PC. At 3840×2160 on the ultra preset the game looks horrible , even with 4XMSAA. Open the images and zoom in to understand what I mean.


F1 2014 PC Main Menu


F1 2014 Track Camera


F1 2014 Cockpit View


F1 2014 Benchmark In Game Screenshot


F1 2014 Cam Angle Change




F1 2014 1920x1080 Ultra Benchmark


On the Ultra preset with 4XMSAA we see all our GPUs running extremely high framerates with the highest VRam usage peak at roughly 1050MB across the board. The nearly 3 year old GTX680 totally destroys the game let alone the newer Maxwell and Hawaii chips.




F1 2014 4K 3840x2160 Ultra Benchmark


You would think that our 2GB GTX680 would run out of VRam at the 4K resolution , well it doesn’t only run the game well it runs it extremely well at Ultra with 4XMSAA. Bumping up the MSAA to 8X hits a vram bottleneck wall with 2GB but its 3840×2160 afterall and you will need a slightly higher frame buffer. The GTX970 and the R9-290 don’t break a sweat on any of the Anti-Aliasing settings throwing out 80FPS minimum framerate at 4XMSAA.



I buy most games on release day if not preorder them, this might seem like a rant to many people , but we have no free review copies or endorcements for our software,games or hardware. This is speaking as a consumer and is as unbiased as possible.

F1 2014 is something you should avoid like the plague especially for PC. Im based in Europe and was unlucky enough to have the “priviledge” of getting the game a few days earlier than the US release. I paid a premium for a unexciting game experience, 5 year old graphic engine (thats the feel it gives you) a worthless old gen console port with little to no work in terms of releasing a PC version.


F1 2014 Pit Screenshot

F1 2014 4K Ultra 4XMSAA Screenshot

Other than a few key maps in the menu and a few so called presets theres nothing that has been done to polish the game. They even left the Xbox controller key map load screen to smudge it in.

Even at 4K the game looks like junk, runs on three year old hardware with box shaped buildings with no detail on textures and just a straight out lets make some extra money title from Codemasters.

The industry is being plagued by bigger publishers wanting to make maximum profits and rinse repeating without thinking long term about their customer base.  I personally will not be purchasing or benchmarking another game from Codemasters unless they start looking at who made them the giant they are today.

For fans of the series I would advise you to enjoy your older titles, this is burning money at its best. For the Xbox 360 and PS3 users you are limited in visuals, but you are also limited in gameplay additions by buying the game.

If you really want the game get it next year for a few dollars at most.

If you have any questions about the benchmark please ask in the comment section below and I will be glad to answer.

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