Since most new cameras are turning into a wireless transfer route, there might be no need for it, but if you’ve got an older digital camera, and you are lazy to take out the microSD card and insert it into the card reader to transfer all your videos and images, then Eye-Fi Mobi is something you should consider.


Directly Transfer Photos From Your Digital Camera With No Wifi Directly Transfer Photos From Your Digital Camera With No Wifi


Eye-Fi is company which makes SDHC cards for most of the digital cameras on the market, what’s so special about this card is that once in your camera, it’ll wirelessly transfer (No-Wifi connection required) all the data from the camera to your iOS or Android based device or tablet using the Eye-Fi app. Consider this some sort of quick back-up or in-case you don’t want to remove the card and put it in your other device.

Currently the Mobi card only support Android and iOS devices, but now Eye-Fi have released beta software that will bring the wireless data transfer support to PC.

All you need is the Mobi Card which of course has it’s very own special features and the beta software which can be downloaded. All you have to do is install the software and insert the activation code found at the Mobi-cards cover. Once they’re connected, you can send the Data directly from your Camera to your PC/Laptop now.

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