DICE Executive Producer Kicked From Battlefield 4 Server

Battlefield 4 just recently got a patch released to fix the problems people are facing in the game, along with the China Rising DLC which includes four maps and extra content. Well the patch wasn’t enough to stablize the overall performance of BF4, aswell as the new China DLC god mode bug and there are users who are annoyed by all this.


Patrick Bach from Dice Kicked from BF4 Server DICE Executive Producer Kicked From Battlefield 4 Server


It turns out a server admin of Battlefield 4 spotted the Executive Producer from DICE playing around on his server, well spotting such a personality playing on your server is a big enough thing to talk about right?

Well how about kicking him from you server with a message “FIX THE GAME”. Yes, the server admin kicked Patrick Bach from the server with that notice.

 Dice Executive Producer Patrick Bach Kicked from BF4 Server DICE Executive Producer Kicked From Battlefield 4 Server


It might have strucked him but that’s the response you get for releasing a broken game. It may be the start of an organized action from the Battlefield community that won’t allow devs and employees related to BF4 to play the game on their server until they make the game work and it seems to be the right decision in a way.



  • aridectel


  • mLgz0rn

    haahahha :D awesome!

  • Ben Cox

    Except that the account kicked did not actually belong to the developer it was named after…

    • HerX

      To be honest, even if it’s photoshopped it sends a clear message on how community feels.

    • Matt

      That account was weird though… level 40 something with 17 kills.

      • Ben Cox

        It seemed to be a boosting account used on “flagrun” servers.

  • Branden Jew


  • Ke

    This is seriously the most broken game i have ever played

  • Not an EA fanboy

    I think even if it were him that’s pretty tasteless.

  • lilricky

    Patrick’s public Battlelog page has been removed, but according to Google cache, the account PatrickBach was indeed his user name and DICE was the clan name. It had a developer only dogtag listed on it.

  • Infinity2k

    To me this was a weak move of the community. Yes I face the same issues and especially crashes which annoy me alot. But seriously: If this was a real dev joining the community and playing his own game it first states that they put love into something they like themselves. Secondly we got a dev joining the community, that is something the entire video game community was begging for the last 20 years. Now we got that chance and all we do is kick him…. unbelievable move. Besides that, the game is buggy like all games are buggy during development. The problem is EA who wanted to publish the game before COD no matter what. If you want to see someone hang, make sure it is the guilty one.

  • Victor E. Medley