DICE Employee Announces New BF4 Update – Fix For 1 Shot Kill Bug and More

One of EA – DICE employees  Vincent Vukovic  – (VincentOK is his battlelog alias) which is a Global Community Manager for Battlefield posted a thread on the battlelog forum where  he stated that DICE is working on a patch that will fix the issues that have been plaguing Battlefield 4 , but also some issues that have occurred after the patches.


Dice Announces New Update For 1 Shot Kill Bug Blur effect and more DICE Employee Announces New BF4 Update   Fix For 1 Shot Kill Bug and More


The “1 shot kill bug”, would get killed by a single shot from whatever rifle, at whatever range is something that most of the users have been complaining about. Battlefield youtuber Jack Frags has made a video about the one shot-kill conundrum.



Like Jack has nicely put it, it appears that the server is registering one hit as two hits, for whatever reason.

Another bug that has been here since the launch is the “sound bug” which appears mostly on Golmud Railway  near the bases of the opposing sides. This bug also appears on the Lancang Dam map near the bases, but DICE developers haven’t mentioned anything about it.

The “Blur effect” did not exist in the Battlefield 4 launch, however, after some patches this blur started occurring very often. As it turned out, it was a feature that all Commanders have while using EMP UAV. When they use the screen for the opposing players it starts to get all blurry , making it impossible to aim or even see properly. So in the true DICE fashion we are going to get a patch that (hopefully!) fixes the earlier patch.


Blur effect in Battlefield 4 DICE Employee Announces New BF4 Update   Fix For 1 Shot Kill Bug and More


EA and DICE have been under heavy criticism on their own forums, main stream media and in general for releasing an unfinished game which took its toll on sales.

DICE’s employee hasn’t mentioned anything about the release date for the issues mentioned above or anything about fixing the net code which still is one of the main headaches for Battlefield 4 players.

In order to redeem themselves EA and DICE have arranged the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation that will start on November the 29th and will finish on December the 5th. During this event all players that finish their matches will be rewarded with double experience. Also on December the 5th some new attachments for  the M1911 pistol will be available for all players. These attachments have previously been an exclusive for DICE developers. But the real question is, is this enough to remedy the pain that all of us have been through till now, and are still going through ?

Btw, how has Battlefield 4 worked out for you until now?

Blur Effect Image : forum.symthic.com

  • Izzy Ardito

    I’m constantly getting crashes of the following: ext and sound loop bug. It’s so frustrating especially when I’m having a really good round (which does not happen to often). The blur effect on the EMP does not bother me to much.

  • Branden Jew

    BATTLEFIELD 4 HAS STOPPED WORKING. No $hit. DICE needs to get their act together.

  • Sapper

    Now I see why this thing was on sale for $27.00. Glad I didn’t fork over the full amount.