Dell Inspiron i15R-1843sLv Laptop Review

The Inspiron i15R-1843sLr is a laptop offering from Dell that is relatively inexpensive and performs most tasks admirably. Laptops are a valuable asset for both business and pleasure. More than a smartphone or a tablet, a laptop can facilitate productivity on the road or allow for versatility in where you function. Here is a quick look at the specs.

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Inspiron i15R-1843sLv Specs

The components inside the 15R are what you could call adequate for a mid-priced laptop. The 3rd Gen Core i5 3210M is not the best laptop CPU in the world, but you will not see a whole lot of improvement just by bumping up to an i7 or inching out another 100 or 200 more MHz per core. Being a laptop CPU, you can expect it to perform at about half the quality of a desktop CPU with a similar configuration. The 8 GB of DDR3 memory is a typical amount for modern laptops, and it should be adequate for most tasks you would perform on a laptop. A full terabyte of storage can handle a massive amount of movies, music, and games.

Dell%20Inspiron%20Laptop Dell Inspiron i15R 1843sLv Laptop Review

Inspiron Graphics

The graphics processing is handled by the Intel HD 4000 integrated chipset. You will not be running any modern games above medium settings nor doing intense video editing, but if the laptop is intended as a work station or as just a portable entertainment device, this is not a major issue.

The laptop itself is incredibly light and portable, and does not weigh more than a common house cat. This does translate into a couple gripes, as the screen is necessarily small to maintain the dainty size, and the keyboard is not full sized. The complaint about the keyboard should be seen as minor, since it is not a huge inconvenience to run a wireless keyboard. There is a Kensington security slot on the side to help prevent theft.

Dell%20Inspiron%20i15R 1843sLV%20Review Dell Inspiron i15R 1843sLv Laptop Review


The screen measures in at just barely over 15 inches. This is acceptable for a laptop, but it is not the largest model on the market. As long as you are comfortable with the size and sit relatively close to the laptop, it is a sizable enough display, and it runs at a decent 1366×768 native resolution.

On the topic of connections, four USB ports make it easy to throw in the wireless mouse and keyboard while still having room for expansion options like portable hard drives or otherwise. Audio and microphone jacks free up another slot, and unless you really need a great webcam, the built-in cam records at 1 MP.

Networking options are fairly standard, with Bluetooth, wireless, and Ethernet connections. The 15R has HDMI and VGA outputs, so it can function as a low-powered desktop in a pinch or be used with larger displays for presentations.

Final Look

The Inspiron i15R-1843sLv  is a relatively inexpensive and decently performing laptop that should be serviceable for most users. You will not be playing high quality games at stellar speeds on the road with it, but you will be able to handle gaming at lower settings and the common work tasks for which computers are used. The 15R is a great choice if you need a computer for doing some light work or gaming while on the road.

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