DDR4 Memory Will Be Released By Next Month

It seems that DDR4 isn’t as far away as we thought . According to Crucial Memory’s promo page  it’s going to come out late 2013. There is  just one month left till the years end. So that being said, we are going to have DDR4 in our PC’s hopefully by next month.

DDR4 Memory Modules  DDR4 Memory Will Be Released By Next Month


DDR4 Memory Architecture

Of course DDR4 has a different architecture, meaning we are going to need a different motherboard, we can’t just put them in our old DDR3 systems. But, is it worth upgrading to DDR4? Crucial Memory also provided a comparison chart with some specifications of what DDR4 will offer, just to show you the difference.

The DDR4 will only eat up 1.2Volts as stated by Crucial , while having twice the speed of DDR3 Memory. DDR4 will run on a base memory speed of 2133MHz while having 4GB as their minimum density. According to the chart, we can see that DDR4 is 100% faster than DDR3, requires 20% less voltage and has 300% more density than that of DDR3.


DDR4 memory specs and performance DDR4 Memory Will Be Released By Next Month



DDR3 vs DDR4

Compared to DDR3, DDR4 will have a smaller die allowing more memory per RAM and also allowing DDR4 to hold up to 16GB per module. Well, that’s massive and twice the single stick DDR3 could provide (8GB).

We can’t predict the accurate date of when DDR4 will come out, but as a wild guess it may be available by the middle of next month. Crucial Memory isn’t just one of the manufacturers who are going to throw up DDR4 memory that early. Seeing the increasing competition in the market, we may see more manufacturers coming up with early releases of DDR4, forcing motherboard manufacturers to come up with compatible motherboards.


DDR4 RAM Updates:

Crucial has answered to a tweet  that they expect DDR4 to now come out sometime next year :

Crucial DDR4 DDR4 Memory Will Be Released By Next Month


Will you upgrade your system to support DDR4 ?

  • zeal_assassin

    Well at least the price of DDR3 memory will come down as a result of this.

    • Cenarl

      outside of occasional sales once manufactures shut down DDR3 manufacturing, price will only go up and sales will dry up as the people who really need them will pay the price. Still a good year before this happens though.

      • Alexandru Stefan

        Came here for the DDR4, left up-voting Quake 3.

        • Jeff Jones

          lol so true

      • Ruben

        They won’t shut down ddr3-manufacturing that soon, it will probably be going for at least a year

        • Steve Cox

          He said, “Still a good year before that happens.” But it is true, DDR3 will not get cheaper. Now I need a new MOBO which sounds like a perfect excuse to get a new CPU in the process.

          • Jack Schitt

            Because MoBo, RAM and CPU should be seen as a single unit. They have, after all, been running just as long as each other.

          • Ruben

            Haha, I think he edited his comment, but I don’t remember exactly, anyways; do ya thing ;)

        • James

          I would say longer than a year. The new Macbook Pro and Mac Pro came out just a few weeks ago, it could be a long time before they receive a major overhaul. And just because there is a new standard, it doesn’t mean all the old computers simply vanish. I’d say 2-3 years.

        • Spazturtle

          Actually a lot of DDR3 plants are already shutting down or have shut down.

          They have so much stock they don’t need to make much more.

          • Ruben

            Well, I’m not surprised of what you’re saying, but I still believe they’ll hold production up for a while on some levels without increasing the price significantly

            But yes, I do believe they have much stock o.o

          • Spazturtle

            They are a business, they will increases pries at any opportunity. RAM prices shot up a few months ago when a single minor factory burned down.

        • Cenarl

          how you completely read over me saying exactly that in my coment consisting of 2 sentences I’ll never know.

          • Ruben

            As I wrote a bit earlier in response to another comment, I believe you might have edited your comment, however my memory isn’t usable as a witness as it doesn’t remember details that I may have/did miss ;)

          • Spazturtle

            You mean you memory is volatile? xD

      • ralph

        you’e dead right as we saw prices of ddr2 go up when do your 3 came out.however I think Period where ddr3i s expensive Will be shorter because the market knows that and gets more efficient, also because upgradng next year and the next coming year 2 years are offering a lot more than upgrades in the past.

    • d

      The price will be higher

      like DDR2

    • Shammika

      Definitely it should be

    • Adam R

      I just bought 8 GB of DDR3 RAM 2 weeks ago for $70. I sold the 8GB of DDR2 RAM it replaced for $110.

      • hank chen

        no shit!

      • Daniel Linares

        Where. where did you sell it?(i have 4GB of ddr2 ram.)

        • Adam R


          • Dexter

            How did you replace DDR2 with DDR3 when the slots are not compatible?

          • Adam R

            By buying another motherboard

          • Dexter

            That’s a pretty lofty investment for such a small return.

          • Adam R

            I upgraded an e8400 to a i5 4670. That was a pretty good return.

          • Steve Cox

            I don’t think Dexter has a clue what he is talking about. Grats on the upgrade.

          • nick o

            That was a 60% return almost lol. Tell me how many times have you flipped something for that much percent return? Probably never

    • Fred

      DDR3 prices are already extremely low. I’d expect it to actually increase anyway, as DDR3 will stop being manufactured.

      • Cat Astrophy

        it’s called liquidating stock, should go down

    • ONmedz

      Let’s take a look at what happened to DDR2 prices when DDR3 came out…YEAH..no. ಠ_ಠ

      • HawkWinters

        And yet I can go on crucial and buy DDR2 for FAR less than DDR3 :/

        • ONmedz

          That’s a load of shit. I just checked. Any size DDR3 I can get cheaper compared to DDR2.

    • uncoveror

      No, It will go out of production and become scarce just like DDR2 and DDR. Supplies will go down, demand not so much, this will lead to higher prices. Just go look at the price of new in packaging DDR and DDR2. Scarcity is why the price is high.

    • OCeDian

      So, sadly, selling my DDR3 ram cards in order to purchase DDR4 won’t be as effective.

  • Jamboree


  • cubs223425

    So…price? $1 billion?

    • Matt

      Dr. Evil?

      • cubs223425

        Couple of zeroes short, sorry. This is JUST under the line of scaring the world leaders.

  • you’re all a bunch of cunts

    Introduced after the release of next gen consoles with a shelf life of at least 10 years. Well done dickheads.

    • Matt

      Microsoft and Sony… you’re right

  • Matt

    Woohoo… theoretical output. I’ll wait until the hardware catches up… especially games.


      Seriously…. Memory right now “is” the bottleneck.

      My CPU @ 5.1ghz is capable of L1 Cache R/955.86gb/s, W/478.04gb/s, C/955.88gb/s @ .8ns Latency. L2 Cache R/478.96gb/s, W/283.61gb/s, C/418.49gb/s @ 2.4ns Latency. L3 Cache R/303.33gb/s, W/201.92gb/s, C/245.94gb/s @ 8.9ns Latency.

      Memory is a mere R/51.7gb/s, W/53.3gb/s, C/51.4gb/s @ 59.2ns Latency….

      Now let us look at Quad GPU TITANS all overclocked to 1156mhz Core, 7160mhz Memory. Giving us a grand total of 343.7gb/s of bandwidth….. So I’m just ballparking it, but is seems to me as if the “memory” stated here would be considered a “bottleneck.”

      Don’t forget that this system is running OCZ Vertex 4’s in a Raid 0 optimized to the max. Reads and writes from 4k-8mb and beyond blocks read/write are 80mb/s+ to 1gb/s.

      • Matt

        Gotta consider the bandwidth of the PCI bus which is the real bottleneck. No doubt the Northbridge would benefit from the increased R/W times but I think it’s best to wait it out until PCI 4.0 comes out and the prices on DDR4 mature.

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          I don’t think that it will be a problem for the GFX cards and or their manufacturer. AMD just rolled out their newest line with no X-Fire bridge support at all since their “talking” of the cards is now done over the PCI-E bus. All the while assisting the frame time issues AMD has been known to have with their older setup regarding crossfire/multi card configs.

          They have done rigorous tests ensuring that even on PCI-E 2.0 there is no if any negligible difference on throughput.

          Respectively on my setup I have a reading of Max GPU1 “BUS Usage” of 4, GPU2 “BUS Usage” of 13, GPU3 “BUS Usage” of 7, GPU4 “BUS Usage” of 14….. This is all respective to 100% and these might even be erratic results who knows, but it was a result of FurMark at its highest settings which stresses any system beyond any kind of real world usage. I think that it is indicative of what you should expect regarding usage of your GFX cards.

          There is enough bandwidth on PCI-E 3.0 and possibly enough on 2.0 for there to be no issues at all. If you consider NVIDIA’s next foray into the GFX card market there might be an issue with throughput since NVIDIA is going to be using the first consumer level “unified memory” architecture. Meaning they’re going to be able to use multiple 6gb cards in SLI and “STACK” their video ram to have 6-12-18-24 “total” gigabytes depending on your card configuration. I would assume to that NVIDIA could quite as well be getting rid of their type of SLI bridge in lieu of a “over the PCI-E” type setup in the near future, but those new lit up SLI bridges are so damn sexy though……

          When this tech comes out I do believe that it would be time to make an upgrade in the GFX card department.

      • Ken Izuchukwu

        1.6ghz DDR3 RAM vs. 4ghz 6+ core CPUs, indeed makes RAM a bottleneck, especially since SSDs only help with shorter loading times.

  • Anthony J. Mitchell

    I will definitely upgrade to DDR4.

    • Hans van den Bogert

      Just called Samsung for you, they were pretty happy and are cranking up production by 0.0000001%

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    M$ is most likely beating themselves up right now because they couldn’t delay their launch everywhere to 2014 so that way they can offer the best experience possible…only to be hindered by DDR3, when it could’ve been DDR4.

    • Matt

      It could’ve been GDDR5… Hell even GDDR3 mixed with some DDR3. Anything but plain jane DDR3.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        yup. Microsoft will regret it just like they regret not going with Blu Ray last gen.

        • David Longmire

          Oh yea, that brand new expensive technology would drive up their marginal costs or anything.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Go Figure.

          • David Longmire

            Yea, it is ridiculous t assume microsoft had any chance in integrating this new memory. they have been working on the One’s architecture for years. consoles never, ever, use new tech. That’s what PC’s are for.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Really? Who could’ve known? You of course, captain obvious. The whole concept just slipped my mind since I’ve only played on consoles my whole life, apparently, so there’s no way I could ever come close to matching that peak of intelligence that you seem to possess with such finesse.

          • David Longmire

            But, you said Microsoft would regret it, and they won’t.I was disagreeing with your statement, which was contrary to any logical deduction. I know you’re feeling defensive because you’re wrong, but do you need to act like a child and form such non-cogent lines of thought?

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            The only reason they won’t regret is because they’ll be getting all their money from suckers like you who will pay anything to keep them afloat. Ironic how the reality of our actuality hits us in the face, isn’t it?

          • John-Smith

            Laptop is approaching 2 years soon. Was going to upgrade within the next few months, even though it works very well for me right now. (And I hate the horrid Windows 8 UI)

            But, now I think I will wait, maybe another year. Wait til Haswell processors are really cheap, DDR4 is standard, all USB ports are 3.0, and maybe if the price is right, get an SSD in the bad boy.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah I heard Microsoft is trying to fix W8 soI will just get W7 and wait to get a new laptop as mine can only hold 4GB DDR3 RAM and not even do 1080p and only supports 32 bit OS so I will wait next year like you said for better deals.

    • oras

      They don’t even have SSDs in their console. DDR4 would have needed to be released a year ago in order for it to be in the ps4 or the bone….

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        I suppose so. Why don’t consoles adopt SSHD instead of HDD if it will make better games? Surely, it’s a better method.

        • Kirill

          Its all about the $$$ They can get a 500GB HDD for say $50 while a 80gb SSD will also be $50. Not many console gamers know what an ssd does or why it is better therefore they will not buy the console with the ssd in it if they had the chance and the companies will not increase the price by ~ $50 – $100 just for an ssd.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I know that SSD is much more expensive than HDD (hence’s Nintendo’s decision to go with disc format after N64 era was over) but given that time has gone by since then they must be working on ways to decrease price and manufacturing costs. SSD has its advantages and if I’m not mistaken lasts a lot longer than HDD so with SSHD they should start investing in that as surely, it will start running into problems causing the format to change again. Just a thought.

    • Chris Hollman

      So you think making a fundamental change to the hardware can be accomplished in what, a few months? This would have had to have come out over a year ago to make it into products being released this year.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        No I don’t, that’s not what I’m implying.

  • Kyle Jackson

    I’d upgrade to this at the end of next year.


    Some Biznitch!!!! Another MOBO and waterblocks for this beast???? wholly……

    • Sly Cooper

      Waterblocks for this? No.


        I don’t do anything else and or upgrade until full support of LC components are there. Always try to get more bang for your buck on a PC. Just one of the advantages when OC’ing, but as always there are disadvantages if you’re not cautious.

        • Chris Hollman

          This is absurd. I overclock too, I know that the reason you might think you’d need to LC your memory is because you bump the voltage up to increase stability at higher speeds as the higher the voltage the faster the digital signals “snap” from one level to the other thus reducing any potential ambiguity in the signal as the cycle rate begins to encroach on the transition time… So don’t think I don’t know what I am talking about when I tell you that your comment was absurd.

  • Tifa Lockhart

    Now, all the remain is the next gen processor from intel. I’m waiting for i9 or i11 or whatever name they come up with. Then next gen processor comes out, I’ll build the ultimate PC to play next gen game

    • Money Boy

      lol wut. i9 and i11? Games don’t even use all i7 cores yet.

  • Yashtir Gopee

    New motherboards are not enough, actual processors themselves support only DDR3 and I am not seeing Broadwell neither to support it. So I can say we will see it on our desktop PCs in 2015 when Skylake will be released.

    • Ragenalien

      Haswell-E is rumored to support it.

      • 2dfx

        You win! Haswell-E will ultimately have DDR4 support by the time it is released. Quad channel DDR4 goodness. The only question is whether X99 will have PCIe 4.0 support…

        • Yashtir Gopee

          Yes, Haswell-E will support DDR4 but I don’t think PCI-Express 4.0, PCI-Express 3.0 was first used last year by the HD 7970. A lot of time to get PCI-Express 4.0.

  • Howard Treesong

    You will know she is the right girl for you when she does not ask for a ring that costs 3 months wages, but wants two sticks of DDR4 RAM instead. That’s the girl you want to marry.

    • aardvarked

      Forever alone has never been more appropriate.

      • Howard Treesong

        Yes, it is much better to buy a product that has a markup in the tens of thousands of percentages while having next to no use, versus a product that is the cutting edge of technology, and which actually has a demonstrable use.
        I want a girl who is practically-minded and who would choose something she will have a use for other than pointing at it to her girlfriends and say “Look, shiny!”

        Expressing that idea makes me ‘forever alone’ material. There’s your state of the world today.

        The ditzy blonde has a cuteness that has a shelf life that you count in very few years. After that she’s just dumb. A geek is a joy forever.

        • aardvarked

          Are you seriously trying to say that anyone who’d prefer a wedding ring to a computer component is a bimbo? Yes, you’re definitely forever alone material.

          • Howard Treesong

            Why would I possibly want someone for a wife who prefers to have something that is wholly devoid of utility versus a product that has the incredible advantage of actually being useful?

            I cannot afford to have someone for a wife who has no problem wasting money on the trivial and the useless.

            Someone who thinks it’s ok to buy a product that has very low resale value, if any, is someone who’s going to get bored and wants to move on. At that point, I will be fleeced for half of my assets and half of my future income. Boy, am I an idiot or what for not wanting that?

            If the price of dodging that bullet is to be forever alone, I’ll be happy to pay.

          • aardvarked

            You’re either trolling or the most socially retarded person I have ever spoken to in my life.

          • Howard Treesong

            Why can’t I be both?

          • DrakeDealer

            Try growing up and moving out of your parent’s basement first before you judge others online.

  • Greg

    Less voltage does not specifically mean less power usage. It is very possible that a lower voltage will consume exactly the same power as a higher voltage if the current is increased. P=VI. And, if the current is increased the memory will be less efficient as higher currents result in more resistance losses. P=I(Squared)R. This memory may run even hotter. But, that said, i doubt anybody would make something worse than the previous model. So it is probably better. But you cant say 20% less power because the available information does not support that claim.

    • Gunny

      You are correct, a 20% drop in voltage would yield a 20% drop in amperage ONLY if resistance stays the same. If that were the case the power drop would actually be 1-(.8*.8)=1-.64=.36, so 36%. I have a feeling though that the resistance will be lower for these chips. They need a balance between voltage and amperage. Too high of a voltage and the internal “wires” on the chip would need more insulation to prevent cross talk and arcing. Too high of an amperage and you need to use larger “wires” to handle it.

  • 1 Chope

    Whaoo. See speed. Super Speed!!!

  • de

    “… the year’s end …”

  • :D

    This would be cool. Vast improvement in performance. Can wait

  • :D


  • chaostheory66821

    This really makes Microsoft’s yet to be released “next generation” console look even more dated.

  • Alan

    By explicitly disabling zoom on this page (why would you do that?), you’ve ensured that tablet readers like me can’t read any of the text on your infographics.

  • knives nelson

    Thought post was about dance dance revolution :(

  • uncoveror

    I am wondering how these will handle heat. I have worked in computer repair since 1999, and ram failure was rare with sdram and DDR1. DDR2 made ram failure a more common occurrence because they run hot. I haven’t seen as much bad DDR3, but what I have seen fail was from Crucial.

  • Jonathan Hiestand

    I just dropped $800 into my computer last year. Dammit…

  • Alex

    1000MHz comparison to 2135MHz indicates 100% speed gain. Sounds quite obvious. But, who uses 1000MHz nowadays? Most common rams are 1333/1666, and occasionally it gets to 2333/2666/3000. So, what’s the WOW? Besides, telling about performance gain that is based only on clock speed alone without CAS latency is quite a nonsense. And, it’s more that CPU should support ram clocks, rather than MB.

  • Lucas Mearian

    1) Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron are already mass producing DDR4 memory

    2) Intel isn’t expected to support DDR4 until next year (in its Broadwell processor).

    3) Until there’s Intel/AMD support, the availability of DDR4 is moot.

  • Dave

    geee i still need some 667 DDR2 ram

  • payuuu

    great, time to upgrade my pc

  • Stephen Wille

    mm..why not just go straight to DDR5?

    • DrakeDealer

      oh yeah because technology is so easy to design. you should be a wizard.

  • NotanIdiot

    Voltage =/= power. 20% less volts would not take less battery if it ends up taking more current.

  • https://www.facebook.com/brian.blair.12979 Brian Blair

    We already have DDR3 that goes to 2.1 ghz or 2100mhz and higher, So I don’t really see the big wow factor here. Especially since we have GDDR5 in video cards that is much faster. It makes more sense to me for them to just put GDDR5 on sticks and then we have DDR5. Unless they are purposely doing this for squeezing money from the latest greatest clans. Come out with DDR4, Then boom year later DDR5 comes out. Show us that money you fools! HAHAHAHA!