COD Online Free To Play Might Be Available Worldwide Soon

You might not be familiar with Call Of Duty: Online, because it has been kept locked  for the Chinese audience only. Call of Duty: Online generally known as CODOL is a “free-to-play micro transaction game” developed by Activision Shanghai and Raven Software.


COD Online Might Be Released Worldwide COD Online Free To Play Might Be Available Worldwide Soon


Recently Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing during a Activision earning call hinted that COD : Online may see a release to the western audience. Currently CODOL only has MP modes but features almost everything from the worldwide available COD title like character and weapon customizations.

Just like Black Ops or Ghosts it’s going to have its own unique survival game-mode that will feature “Robot Zombies” . The rest of the COD titles have normal zombies, COD: Ghosts has Aliens, but in CODOL you will have your own robot zombies to play around with.



The new Robot Zombie mode has been confirmed with a trailer posted on youtube, featuring 4 different character killing robot zombies. The idea might look weird, how could a robot become a zombie? Well it’s Activision and anything can happen. One thing is for sure, they look freaky compared to the traditional zombies, even the zombie dog is kind of weird.

This mode will bring a few of the original series zombie maps and new maps. Another thing to point out is that CODOL is a PC-only title, but as the console ban has been removed from China, possibilities are that the title may become available on consoles in future.

If the game comes out for the rest of the world would you play it ?