h1z1 benchmark
77%Editor Rating

H1Z1 Benchmark Performance

The truth of the matter is that I wasn't initially going to do a H1Z1 benchmark, but due to success over on Twitch and watching quite a few hours of...
Battlefield Hardline Benchmark
81%Editor Review

Battlefield Hardline Benchmark Performance

With Battlefield Hardline's release just around the corner, EA have been kind enough to have offered an open beta for everyone to jump in and see...
Dying Light Benchmark Performance
69%Editor Rating

Dying Light Benchmark Performance

Zombie survival games seem to have become a craze lately. Today we are taking a look at the PC performance in our Dying Light benchmark. Dying...
Elite Dangerous Benchmark Performance
88%Editor Rating

Elite: Dangerous Benchmark Performance

Nearly 2 years have gone by from the initial Kickstarter funding of Elite: Dangerous. I could of benchmarked the initial testing phases but, wanted...