Call Of Duty Ghosts Benchmark – CPU And GPU Performance

COD : Ghosts Benchmark Introduction


Activision’s biggest money making franchise Call Of Duty , has gained another successor called COD: Ghosts. This is the tenth Call of Duty title in the last thirteen years (don’t quote us on that) and it is also a next gen game. When a game is called a next gen, people accept that the game will be better looking than anything previously seen and also better optimized.

As you know next gen games will have much stronger and faster CPUs and GPUs in use , so for a multiplatform title like Call Of Duty Ghosts, great optimization for processors and graphic cards is a must. Even if Call Of Duty: Ghosts isn’t exactly a next gen game excellent optimization is still expected considering that this is not Activision’s first COD title for PC.

 Call of Duty Ghosts Gameplay Screenshot Call Of Duty Ghosts Benchmark   CPU And GPU Performance


We do not play Call Of Duty at all, so you will not find any notes about gameplay, single player and multiplayer features etc. But we must note that bad optimization was seen the first moment we walked into the game.

Mouse acceleration in Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the worst issues we have ever encountered in any PC game. At first we thought it was a mouse issue, after changing various mouse devices we established that the problem is the game itself. Mouse acceleration was, and still is, so awful that we thought about dropping the benchmark for this game, since it was almost impossible to move around. If you move your mouse by just a little (in order to aim or just adjust your movement) you will be thrown by 30-60 degrees more than what you would expect. Now this problem does not happen all the time, but around 30% in most cases (which is still a lot!).This instantly gave as an idea of how “good” this game was optimized and ported to PC (Yeah right!).

With such horrible mouse acceleration this game is almost unplayable, and although we found hundreds of threads around the internet concerning these issues, Activision and Infinity Ward haven’t  responded and didn’t release a patch while we were testing . However at the time of writing there has been a patch released that reduced mouse acceleration , we can confirm that mouse acceleration is still there but not to that big of an extent as before. I mean what is the use  of a first person shooter game if you can’t aim and move properly?

Also, just as we finished the tests and charts, AMD has released new drivers that improve performance in COD: Ghosts, and as in our  Batman Arkham Origins benchmark, we had to redo the AMD cards. We are honestly considering of making a separate page dedicated for late AMD drivers in every future benchmark, since this is really starting to be ridiculous.

  • NarooN

    I don’t think it was AMD’s drivers so much as it was the fact this game was clearly biased towards Nvidia hardware from the get-go. Look at the minimum specs. That’s obviously a bunch of BS. The reviewer here mentioned it themselves how the HD 5870 is much more powerful than the Nvidia equivalent on that sheet.

    Just all-around a terribly-optimized POS game.

  • squirrelboy

    “GPU usage on all of the cards was 99% all of the time”
    i’m only getting 50-60% cpu and gpu usage for some reason, giving me sub-50fps on some maps on LOW settings (extra image quality) (with a 2gb gtx770 and i5-3570k. the game just refuses to use more than half of my system…

  • zuppy

    I have GTX Titan oc’d and receive good fps 80-130 with full 1080p settings. Memory usage is 85 % at max, but over 5 Gb!! Quite demanding or what to call it. Very smooth frame rates throughout. CPU i7 clocked to 4.8 GHz.

  • Saman

    Now when I read your benchmarks, I can see the big picture that some tech sites are bribed by Intel to advertise their goods, it is a shame really, tomshardware claims i5-2500k beats fx 8350 in this tittle, with a big margin, thank you for you sincere and honest benchmarks!! I hope you stay the same