BF4 or COD:Ghosts Pre Release Dilemma

A few months ago AMD and EA announced a partnership on an upcoming blockbuster title called Battlefield 4, so it didn’t come as a surprise for NVidia’s and Activision’s decision  in creating Call Of Duty: Ghosts, there PC version will be available on the 5th of November 2013.

NVidia and Activision Cod Ghosts are joining forces against AMD and EA BF4 600x271 BF4 or COD:Ghosts Pre Release Dilemma


Battlefield 4 is being praised by both old Bf3 players as well as the whole gaming society. Superior graphics, 64 men (dedicated) servers, vehicle combat as well as a much improved game play experience, have been the main reason why people are moving away from Activison’s staled game that hasn’t improved in years.

COD: Ghosts is being developed by the Infinity Ward, the studio that made the original COD and the first game from the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series. Call Of Duty: Ghosts is the introduction into to new series of this franchise. With the new engine, Call Of Duty will continue the tradition of creating movie like games, cut scenes and story lines.

Call Of Duty:Ghosts is introducing gamers with “Ghosts”, the elite group of highly qualified mystery special forces. The new next generation engine for Call Of Duty: Ghosts will, as they say, amplify the power of the most sophisticated PC technology using Nvidia’s graphic cards in creating the ultimate COD experience for PC gamers.

Activision is having trouble marketing COD: Ghosts since they offered almost nothing at the previous E3 and they will need all the help they can get in promoting the new COD sequel. All they offered was a glimpse of the Single Player campaign that didn’t look interesting. In lack of any innovation COD developers have decided to market the game using the dog from the SP and AI fish that move away when you swim towards them.



“Fish AI” or fish artificial intelligence was something that was developed 20 years ago, and is one of the simplest things you can do in programming. To make things even worse the “Fish AI”  didn’t even work when you moved away only when you were moving towards the fish, which made COD:Ghosts and its developers a laughing stock of the whole internet.

Nvidia on the other hand does see an opportunity to increase the sales by giving away free game codes with graphic cards, and lets face it no matter how bad the new COD goes in terms of sales, its still going to sell millions of copies, which makes the Nvidia business move absolutely logical.

On the other hand EA and DICE conquered all of the the game conventions with their newest title called BF4.

Whether it comes to singleplayer or multiplayer, BF4 has shined with its new features, surroundings, graphics and game mechanics.



Damage control is taking place at the moment, no one is mentioning fish and their AI, and Activision has focused its attention on multiplayer. The multiplayer looks like a watered down version of previous Battlefield titles (like  Bad Company 2) with a very limited and scripted destruction which doesn’t look too impressive for gaming of today. Activison (Infinity Ward) didn’t even implement the ability to see your feet while moving because they said that next gen consoles are limited for that kind of feature, although Battlefield had that feature  on current gen consoles. New features that Activison is trying to market (that competition hasn’t) is a dog and female soldiers. Most of the MP players objected the implementation of female soldiers, since women are usually smaller in size than man, which will result in most gamers playing as female characters in order to be harder to hit. Activison didn’t think of this feature by itself , many of the gamers requested it, however, from the MP videos that could be seen, women are the same size as the man are, so it is safe to say that female character implementation will only be a cosmetic feature.


Where  do we go from here with BF4 and COD: Ghosts ?

Activision hasn’t put enough effort in outshining its biggest competitor by now, and it is very difficult. What else can they do in such a short time span. They have been selling almost the same game since COD4: Modern Warfare, everyone has expected major changes with the release of the next gen consoles however it looks like that will not to be the case. To be honest it is not exactly easy to change the game overnight in order to attract more players and keep old players happy aswell. As we said in our previous article, Activsion is afraid of experimenting due to possible drops in sales. However times are changing and people are getting tired of the same old COD being sold to them year after year. Major changes are needed if Activision wants this franchise to survive. Walking dogs in MP FPS, female soldiers and poor destruction mechanics might not be enough to out sell BF4 steamroller that is relentlessly stomping everything in its way.

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  • Yashtir Gopee

    BF4 FTW. My first Battlefield game was Battlefield 1942. The reason why I like Battlefield series more is because of the number of vehicles included. Its a war simulation