Best Silent Pc Fans

Contrary to what many people believe, silent pc fans are as effective, you don’t have to go for a watercooling system in your computer in order to escape the sometimes unbearable noises. If money is not an issue and you are willing to dig deep in your pockets to buy the more exotic cooling systems in the market, then by all means do so. However, if that’s not the case you might want to continue reading this article.

silent%20pc%20fans Best Silent Pc Fans

In this article we will take a look at some of the best silent computer fans that are available in the market and how they could be the solution to your problem. Below are 5 of the best silent fans in the market today.

Best Silent Fans

12omm Pc Fan

Blue%20Led%20Silent%20pc%20fan Best Silent Pc FansThis fan is not only easy on your pocket, but it is also guaranteed to deliver quality cooling performance for your system. This R4 series fans will offer you seamless maximum rotational speed and optimum airflow.

The 120mm fan offers enough airflow to tackle all your caseflow needs , I currenlty have 4 of these on my watercooling system (push-pull setup) and I can bearly hear them. The pros are that they are lightweight and have led lighting for that extreme look aswell.

Quiet Value Pack Fans

Low%20Dba%20Pc%20Fan Best Silent Pc Fans
A good case fan, will not only help with the airflow within your system, but it will also ensure your hardware components remain durable and function at optimum levels. If you are looking to find a good silent fan, you might want to consider the Cooler Master value pack.

Its not called a value pack for no reason. These coolermaster fans at just under $12 is the best bargain on silent and durable 120mm fans available

Silent%20Red%20Led%20Fan Best Silent Pc Fans200mm Red LED Computer Case Fan

For a quiet CPU cooling performance, the MegaFlow 200mm computer case fan is worth considering. With low RPM’s and high air flow for maximum cooling performance, this fan will guarantee you the best performance.

Not the industry standard at 200mm, but if your case is compatible, this will give you more airflow with a slower fan speed eliminating any noise from your system.

Mini Silent Fan


40mm%20Quiet%20Pc%20fan Best Silent Pc Fans

If you are looking for a slightly smaller silent fan and one that does not have leds, the Mini Kraze should be a great choice.

The mini fans will help you cool smaller pc parts like Hdd’s or Ssd’s.



140mm%20Quiet%20Fan Best Silent Pc FansHi-Airflow Silent Fan

With a clear see-through plastic, this led backlit fan offers enough air flow to handle any systems cooling needs with out the noise of conventional non-quality products.

It is RoHS compliant with a long life span.