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Role-playing games for the PC have come a long way over the years. Once something of a niche interest, RPGs now command a large slice of the mainstream gaming market. It’s not hard to see why. Advances in graphics and new game engines make alternate worlds more and more convincing, offering a truly cinematic experience that’s beguiled an increasing number of gamers. Whether you’re seeking a gritty crime drama set in the modern world, a futuristic space opera, a trip back in time to visit a historical setting or a fantasy filled with monsters and magicians, there’s something in the world of RPGs for every PC owner.

Best Rpg Games Best Role Playing Games


While some of the big titles are ports from other platforms, others are PC-native – including the latest MMORPGs. The front runners for 2013 include the usual slew of fantasy, science fiction and horror titles; offerings in other genres are less prevalent, being largely buried under a profusion of laser-wielding aliens and bloodthirsty monsters. Even the forthcoming South Park tie-in has a fantasy theme: “The Stick of Truth“, to be released in December 2013, pokes fun at conventional sword-and-sorcery RPGs. Grand Theft Auto 5: the newest addition to the notorious gangster/driving sim, is out in September 2013 – but for games consoles, not PC.


Top Rated Rpg Games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fantasy%20rpg%20 Best Role Playing Games

Initially released for the XBox 360, the most recent installment of The Elder Scrolls series found a rapturously enthusiastic audience when it was ported across to the PC. Players still can’t get enough of its vast and mysterious gameworld, gripping storyline and exciting gameplay.

A new game engine gave Skyrim a fresh look, bringing to life a world of deep forests, sprawling cities that bustle with life, rolling fields and ominous cloudy skies.The gameplay system is varied and offers many different ways to play out your character, from a noble hero to an underhanded and malicious criminal. This, coupled with an open-ended gameworld, gives Skyrim exceptional replayability.


Diablo III: Standard Edition

Diablo%203%20Roleplaying%20game%20 Best Role Playing GamesThe third installment of the well-known dark fantasy/horror franchise polarized gamers on its release: some hated it on sight, lamenting the move away from Diablo I and II’s hack-and-slash playing style. Others were in raptures over the addictive gameplay.

In Diablo, the player is a hero who must plunge into the underworld, there to fight off hordes of evil demons and devils in order to protect the world from three demonic lords: Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. The gameplay is a classic dungeon crawl – enter a new map, explore, kill all the enemies, steal all the treasure – but with enough invention and diversity to keep it feeling fresh. The five new character classes, each with their own powers, abilities and specific resources for health and mana, drew a lot of attention and praise – especially the brand-new Witch Doctor character.

Much of the controversy over Diablo doesn’t concern the stand-alone game but the online multiplayer version – in particular, the “Real Money Auction House” concept. This legitimized what in other games is often a banned practice: trading real-world money in exchange for magical weapons and other in-game gear. Perhaps inevitably, there were problems with maintaining fairness to those players who couldn’t afford to pay for expensive high-quality items.

Auction house woes aside, Diablo remains one of the most compulsive games released in recent years: a competent and engrossing romp through an atmospheric gameworld, with a satisfying backstory of Good versus Evil. What more could you ask?


Star Wars: The Old Republic

For some people, “getting to be a Jedi” is the raison d’etre of the whole of computing technology even though an older title than the others showcased here, its still loved and played by millions of gamers. Star Wars: The Old Republic” delivers this,  as well as the chance to be a cunning smuggler, an evil Sith or a deadly bounty-hunter. Events in The Old Republic (TOR among its fans) take place thousands of years before the rise of the Empire so you don’t get to defeat Darth Vader; apart from that, though, you get to live out all of your childhood Star Wars fantasies across a gameworld that’s both exotic and instantly familiar to fans of the movies.

Starwars%20TOR Best Role Playing GamesThere are many different career paths open to you character and lots of engaging touches. You can form guilds, adventure with companions and acquire your own ship. The developers have even introduced personal mounts to take you from place to place.

This was the second attempt to bring the world of Star Wars to online gamers, an earlier Star Wars MMORPG having foundered on game balance and other issues. TOR seems to have got it right: a richly detailed world with gameplay that is neither frustratingly hard nor insultingly easy. Those who were disappointed with the earlier and have a bad feeling about TOR can rest assured: this is the MMORPG you’re looking for.

If you ask six gamers what makes a great role-playing game, you’ll probably get a dozen different answers. Is it high-quality cinematic graphics? An immersive storyline with lifelike characters? Exciting gameplay and intriguing puzzles? A rich, well-realized game world with plenty to explore? While disagreement is virtually inevitable – one person’s unmissable classic is bound to be someone else’s unplayable exercise in tedium – there are a handful of games that most people would agree really stand out from the rest of the RPG crowd.


Guild Wars 2

Guild%20Wars%202 Best Role Playing GamesRather unfairly, “Guild Wars” found itself positioned as “the other fantasy MMORPG,” with the bigger, flashier “World of Warcraft” stealing the limelight. This update attempts to amend that, with an entirely revamped gameworld, different classes and new equipment. The developers have resisted the temptation to ape WoW’s chunky designs and saturated palette, retaining the delicate look and wintry colors of the earlier game. As well as guild-based missions, Guild Wars 2 offers team-based PvP battles: guilds are matched based on ability and pitted against one another. Other elements include selectable individual Daily Achievements and a try-before-you-buy equipment purchasing system. One nice touch is that guild members don’t have to be at similar levels – you can play with guildmates from all over the world, even if they are much higher or much lower than you.


Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 Best Role Playing Games

Darksiders 2 is a far better and complex  title than its predecessor. In this game you will play as Death (one of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse, the others are Famine, Conquest and War) who is on a quest of finding the Tree Of Life, in order to find absolution for his brother, War, who has destroyed all man kind (Ooops!) and is now paying the penalty for it. To make matters even worse Corruption is  trying to invade  the Forge Lands, and gets his hands on the forge of life itself. You will find yourself in a fantasy land swarming with mythical creatures. You will be plundering open world areas, as well as caves and dungeons. Dungeons are excellently crafted, with supreme architecture and puzzles which will make your time worth while. If you are wondering about graphic quality its not too impressive but the word decent can be used to describe it. Don’t expect much from this console port.  The combat is fluid (if are you playing it with a gamepad, porting of controls to keyboard isn’t done that great either) where you will have the chance to use your skills that you have developed by killing enemies. One of the gameplay features is parkouring (Prince of Persia like) As in any RPG looting is one of the main features where you will be fetching items and gold from the enemies you just killed. Items can be equipped, sold or upgraded depending on your needs. Gold is being used for crafting and buying potions as well as other gear. The music was developed by a publicly acclaimed composer Jesper Kyd, who has made a name for him self with music that can be only be described as masterpieces for titles such as Hitman, Assassins Creed 2 and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Whether it is combat, dungeons or just riding the landscapes Jesper Kyd’s music manages to show even more than the “decent” graphics.  We weren’t expecting nothing less from an author who is at the top of his trade. This title is worth playing not only because of good gameplay and interesting story but also to spectacular music which manages to even outshine the game itself. This game deserves absolute recommendation.



Dishonored Best Role Playing GamesDishonored is an open action adventure stealth game played in first person with more than obvious RPG elements. This is one of the most unique games that have ever been made. This steam punk RPG, based in Victorian England, is placed in city of Dunwall, which is being destroyed by a wicked disease-plague. You will be playing as Corvo Attano, the Empress’s  bodyguard who will be framed for murdering his royal employer.The player is on a quest of punishing the real culprits and clearing his name. In the process you will be acquiring skills and magic that will be helping you in this quest. What makes this game unique are choices that you can make when engaging the enemy. Whether you are more about stealth or brute force, the whole games concept is about you freely controlling the way you are going to proceed in this quest.  It is even possible to finish the game without killing anyone. It all depends on how you approach the game, your play style of course which is the most important thing when it comes to RPG’s. In game you will be able to improve your skills and magic, as well as weapons and armor with the money you will find along the way. The game is made with the Unreal 3 Engine , for consoles and PC, so some sacrifices in the graphics department had to be made. But developers deserve praise in providing the best possible image quality with the engine they had at there disposal. This is one of the best games that have ever been published and it deserves to be played by all gamers that tend to have a sophisticated taste.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn ingame Best Role Playing GamesOne of the games that you should turn you attention to, especially if you like RPG games is Grim dawn. Grim Dawn is made by the people who created the original Titan Quest with Diablo 2 one of the best RPG titles ever. After successfully finishing there Kickstarter campaign, the guys from Crate Entertainment have presented to the early backers the Alpha version. Grim Dawn is made with the Titan Quest engine but will have much more gore and blood as well as darker atmosphere than the original Titan Quest ever did. Like Dishonored, Grim Dawn is also set in a steam punk Victorian era in the world called Cairn. Cairn is the world that is torn between two otherworldly creatures Aetherials and Chthonians, where one sees the humans as a resource in order to win the war, the others want to destroy them in order to prevent it. The player will start the game as a human and will have the chance to choose which fraction he will be helping, or he may choose not to be with anyone. Alpha build looks impressive, and all of those who liked Titan Quest will certainly have loads of fun with Grim Dawn. All of those who got disappointed with the simplistic Diablo 3 might find the kind of juice they are looking for, since developers stated that this game will be everything but forgiving and will not hold the player’s hand as other games tend to do. The game should be released by 2014.

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing

For those who had enough of Diablo 3 (or didn’t bother even playing it) but still cant wait for Grim Dawn we recommend that you give a chance to this game. It is a RPG with the slight influence of Torchlight 2. One weird thing about this game is that you are playing as Van Helsing, a famous vampire hunter, however in this game you will not see a single vampire throughout the game. Maybe the developers are planning vampires for one of the future DLC’s, but that still doesn’t answer the question why they didn’t put them in the first place.

Other hotly anticipated titles that are still some way off include “Demonicon,” “The Dark Eye” and “Divinity: Dragon Commander,”. Later in the year we should finally get to play “Mistborn: Birthright” and “Wasteland 2.” For now, though, there are plenty of enthralling games available to take our minds off the long wait.

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