Best Gaming Power Supply

A gaming power supply is one of the main computer parts, considering the fact that computer systems will not function without one. Choosing takes more than just simple numbers. After knowing what your computer system will use in watts, as each pc has different requirements, you can search for the type of power supply that best fits your computer’s requirements from the reviews below.

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How to Choose the Best Power Supply

The first thing you need to do is to determine what power usage you will need for your computer. Each component uses energy from the power supply. Dependant on the parts you have installed some are powered from slots,  most will run into the power supply directly , others combine both. Computer components usually have manuals with the power usage requirements but for newbies this is alot easier to see what power consumption is required for your tailor made computer system, based on the components installed in it, by using the thermaltake outervision tool.

Corsair%20430w%20psu Best Gaming Power SupplyCorsair Builder Series 430w Psu

This psu from Corsair can handle a simple home or office PC. This is 430 watt power supply device which comes with a 120mm fan and a very low noise level. The main thing to note here that its  80 Plus certified to produce 80 percent efficiency or greater at normal load settings, which in layman terms means it can deliver enough power to run any low to mid systems without any problems.


Thermaltake%20500w%20Power%20supply Best Gaming Power SupplyThermaltake 500W Power Supply

The Thermaltake 500w  allows you to install a mid range graphics card with a decent cpu and a couple of peripherals . It has maximum power of 500 watts and an active power factor correction.

Also, the device comes with 1x 24pin Main Connector and 1x 4+4pin +12V Connector, as well as a form factor ATX 12V 2.2. This should help you to install it in the vast majority of pc builds.


Corsair%20600w%20modular%20psu Best Gaming Power SupplyCorsair Builder Series 600w

The Corsair Builder Series power supplies are the borderline if you are looking to overlock and or throw in more than one graphics card . It’s 600 watts psu that is 80 plus certified will give you enough power efficiency to deliver even in high usage levels . The product’s dedicated single +12V rail provides maximum compatibility with the latest computer components. It comes with alot of auto features packed in to help prevent overvoltage and overheating.


Always overpower your computer system. Power supply ratings are typically given for peak wattage. It is good to always get a psu with 80+ percent rating as it will give you the highest level attainable and power your system accordingly. Theres also the styling that you might prefer as led lights or fans on the psu are known in todays power supply releases.

Coolermaster%20Gx650w%20powersupply Best Gaming Power SupplyCooler Master GX Series 650W ATX PSU

The Cooler Master GX Series 650W ATX features a maximum capacity output of 650 watts. This is similar to the Corsair Builder series psu stated above but from another reputable manufacturer Coolermaster.

It delivers 650w,  50 more than the Corsair and the same 80+ efficiency. This would do great on mid to high range cpu with a single or dual graphics cards.


Coolermaster%20750%20watt%20modular%20powersupply Best Gaming Power SupplyCooler Master GX Series 750W Power ATX

Starting from the 700w point, these are intended for the gamers or overclockers . The Coolermaster Gx750 Xtreme gamer series is a high end power supply with the ability to overclock your gpus and cpu simultaneously . It comes with connectors for up to  four graphics cards, but if you prefer not to max out your power supply prefer to leave some headroom or get a little higher watt psu.


Consider special power consumption requirements. Always check that there are  enough connectors for your computer system’s components (prefer a modular psu where you can connect cables accordingly to your needs ). If your into gaming or overclocking look for something with alot of overhead to give you the power you will need.


Cooler%20Master%20%201000%20Watts%20Sli CrossfireX%20Gamer%20Psu Best Gaming Power SupplyCooler Master  1000 Watts Sli-Crossfire Gamer Psu

Modular power supplies offer better cable management, where you can use only the connectors you need. This 1000watt modular psu from CoolerMaster offers one of the best user experiences for those that dont want to lack a peripheral, sli- crossfire gpu’s or overclock to their hearts desire. It offers the industry  80+ Gold Certification which is the highest  degree of watt efficiency today.