Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013

Pc steering wheels are the controller of choice for most racing game enthusiasts. In most instances steering wheels come with a set of peddles that greatly enhance the racing and driving simulation experience. When selecting a pc gaming wheel, there are certain features to look for to get the ultimate gaming experience. Some of these features include the wheel casing (leather and high-quality rubber are usually the best), degree of freedom of wheel rotation (top wheels range from 270 degrees and to as much as 900 degrees), features to enable the user to customize steering sensitivity, and inclusion of wheel resistance and vibration under different terrain and weather conditions.

Pc%20gaming%20steering%20wheel 0 Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013

The latter aspect are very important as it enables the user to get the feel of a real-life driving experience. To get that amazing experience with Motorstorm, Need For Speed, Formula 1 or any other racing game, below is a list of the top rated PC gaming steering wheels.

Logitech G27

steering%20wheel%20with%20paddles%20and%20clutch Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013

Logitech G27 is designed to deliver the ultimate racing experience for both a PC and PS3. It comes packed with powerful features that offer exceptional quality and experience. For starters, the components are made from robust and high quality materials capable of handling intensive driving experiences. The dual-motor force feedback mechanism accurately simulates weight shift, traction loss and road feel. Furthermore, the helical gear system plays a major role in eliminating steering noise. The six-speed shifter teamed with the push-down reverse gear enable the user to switch gears and maneuver sharp bends easily. The paddle shifters attached at the back of the wheel keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, providing F1 style shifting. The 11 inch wheel is made comfortable by the leather finish that brings a true-life racing experience. Other salient features include the steel brake, gas and clutch pedals that deliver precise braking, throttle and shifting control, RPM/shift indicator LEDs that integrate with the game’s software to indicate when the driver should shift gears, and lastly the 16 programmable buttons that enable the user to customize certain driving features.


Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless Gt F430 (Scuderia Edition)

ferrari%20pc%20steering%20wheel Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013This sophisticated, though pricey, high end gaming steering wheel emulates the cockpit of a Ferrari to deliver exceptional realism, precision and style. The design of the pedals, wheel, and gears are inspired by the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. For instance, the brake pedals have magnetic resistance to deliver unmatched racing realism. The cockpit wheel – 28cm in diameter – is a 7:10 size replica of the Ferrari F430 wheel. The wheel features the innovative HEART (Halleffect Accurate Technology) magnetic sensor technology that delivers 12 bit precision. This HEART technology reproduces movements based on magnetic sensors, not mechanical, delivering high precision and eliminatinf dead zones as even the slightest movement results in reaction. Therefore, action in games is more linear, smoother and more predictable. The wheel is completely programmable and comes with its own internal memory. Lastly, the wheel’s rubber casing provides better grip and optimal comfort.

Logitech MOMO Force Feedback

force%20feedback%20steering%20wheel%20for%20racing%20games Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013This model from Logitech is an exclusive design from MOMO, a world leading designing firm of automotive accessories. It is a force-feedback racing wheel that delivers a realistic driving experience and boasts a tough-built design. This steering kit is bound to add a whole new feel to a racing experience by providing ultrarealistic force feedback effects. This enables the user to feel the bumps, spills and walls on the race track. Furthermore, the rubber encased wheel has a 240 degree of rotation, allowing flexibility and maneuverability. The user is given the opportunity to select the position of the sequential stick depending on preference, while the carpet grip mechanism keeps the pedals in position. Other features include six programmable buttons, optical sensors for enhanced steering, and paddle shifters. The kit comes with pedals, a set-up guide, software and a power supply cable.


SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1

Pc%20gaming%20steering%20wheel 0 Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013This high performance handheld racing steering wheel was co-designed by Ignite Technologies and SteelSeries. It features a patented braking and throttle system that delivers a real-life driving experience. Of importance to note, the wheel has been tested and is currently used by top ranked Simracing World Champions drivers and Indy 500 race cars. The wheel’s unique design makes it portable to easily take anywhere- there are no bulky seats and pedals – the user only needs to just plug and play. There is no complicated configuration setting required for use on most PC racing games. Since it’s a handheld composite gaming device, it offers everything a player would need; from brake balance controls to speed shift controls. The wheel offers total flexibility as it comes preconfigured to function seamlessly with Simraceway, while most of its controls can be easily customized. No other gaming steering wheel on the market combines this level of functionality and customization.

Genius Twin Vibration Feedback F1

Twin%20vibration%20race%20controller Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013The genius TwinWheel is a two-in-one racing wheel for PS2 and PCs, and it offers the best performance for the budget steering wheel segment. It’s specifically designed with F1 racing tracks in mind, so it delivers an unmatched racing experience when playing F1-based racing games. The wheel comes with the patented TouchSense technology teamed with vibration feedback technology to enable the user to feel the bumps, crashes, collisions and overall road terrain. It comes with a central clamp for lap attachment and stability to allow the user enjoy the driving experience from the comfort of their favorite seat. It includes a D-PAD and four action buttons that integrate with the game software to deliver advanced control and view change capabilities.


Logitech Wingman Formula Force

budget%20racing%20wheel Best Pc Racing Steering Wheels 2013This PC racing system strives to simulate a real-life driving experience, from losing traction when driving on a patch of ice to experiencing the bumps when driving on a rough terrain road. It features the Immersion I-Force feedback technology, an innovative technology borrowed from medical and military simulators, to enable the driver feel bumps, water pools, grass and the gravel. This technology cuts down on reaction time enabling users to respond immediately and without slop. The steel gas and brake pedals give users the realism they expect from car racing. The dead-pedal footrest ensures that the left foot is always near the brake to maneuver sharp bends, and make emergency stops. Lastly, the rubber covered steering wheel provides grip and comfort.