Best Laptops for the Money

Shopping for the best laptop for the money can be a very confusing task. This is especially true in light of the current global scenario where the market is filled with numerous products boasting of almost similar features. For those less conversant with IT technical terms like gigabytes, processing power and wireless setting, the situation becomes rather difficult. However, with some basic knowledge on computers it is easy to spot the best laptop for your money. This is so whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful laptop, a stylish and slender ultraportable laptop, a hybrid convertible laptop/tablet, or you just want to replace your desktop PC.

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Tips to Choose the Best Laptop for the Money

Though often overlooked, the first step in choosing a laptop is the brand name. Selecting laptops from reputable and established brands like Toshiba, Dell, HP and the likes increases your chances of getting value for money. This stems from the fact that most of these companies spend a considerable amount of their resources to innovate products and always ensure that their laptops are up-to-date technology wise. In addition, they offer more in terms of product reliability and support services from their global service centers. Nevertheless, brand should never be taken as the only discerning factor; there are other important features that should be taken into consideration.

Some of the features you should consider when buying a laptop include the following:

Processing Power

Technology is changing fast in the electronic industry especially when it comes to processing power. The latest chips from AMD and Intel significantly enhance system performance, increase battery life and improve graphics processing. Hence it is important to select a laptop that has any of this latest motherboard technology. In addition, ensure that the RAM is large enough to handle the processing; 2GB RAM is good, but 4GB is better.

Hard Disk Capacity

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the hard disk space, the better it is for you. At a bare minimum, if you intend to be wrangling with huge content, you should consider a 320GB hard disk that runs at 7200 rpm. In case you don’t require huge amounts of space for multimedia, massive files and huge data storage space, consider opting for a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs deliver faster disk performance, are more durable and have low power consumption levels.

Battery Life

Unless you intend to use your laptop primarily as a wall-plug tethered desktop replacement, ensure that the battery life capacity accommodates your mobile needs. There are laptops in the market that can offer up to six hours of stored power supply.

Other features are more subject to personal preferences and tastes like screen size, keypad design and responsiveness and weight. All in all, let’s look at some of the best laptops that offer value for money.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

This one is suited for those looking for the ultimate gaming laptop, as it offers superb processing speeds, fantastic screen resolution and graphics, and other key features you would look for in a gaming desktop replacement.

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Though pricey, it boasts the latest technologies in processing power, so has a performance to “boot-up” for. It comes with a third generation 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM processor and a 16GB 1,333MHz DDR3 RAM. In addition, the chipsets are Intel HM77 and the graphics card is NVidia GeForce GTX 675M. However, it is relatively heavy as it weighs about 9 pounds. Lastly it has a screen size (diagonal) of 16″ by 11″.

Lenovo Y580 Laptop

Best%20i7%20laptop%20for%20the%20money%20 Best Laptops for the MoneyThe Y580 laptop is another unique product from Lenovo  the globally reputed makers of award-winning Thinkpads. It comes with top-of-its-class features that intelligently blend a third generation Intel Core processor with a new generation Gtx660M NVidia graphics card to produce a high-performance laptop suitable for all applications and games. In addition, it offers enhanced HD functionalities to complement its great sound capabilities attributed to its JBL and SRS premium features. Other important features include a 750GB 5400rpm hard drive,Windows 8,  15.6″ screen and 6 hours of battery life.

Dell Inspiron i14z

best%20ultrabook%20for%20the%20money Best Laptops for the MoneyInspiron i14z-6001slv is designed for those who are looking for style and performance in a laptop at an affordable price. To be precise, it’s an ultra-book, about 0.8″ thick, with a powerful processor (third generation Intel Core i5 with 8GB RAM), and has a long-life battery. For those charmed by aesthetics, the laptop has an aura of elegance and professionalism courtesy of its brushed aluminum finish. Other features that make it stand out include a 500GB SATA hard drive+ 32gb SSD, AMD 7570 Radeon Video graphics card and an optical DVD writer/reader.


Toshiba Satellite L755D S5359

15%20inch%20laptop Best Laptops for the MoneyThis laptop offers  high performance and superb quality features unseen in the budget price category. It is ideal for the mobile user, boasting eco-smart features that offer enhanced power-saving capabilities. It comes with a High Definition 15.6″ LED backlit display that guarantees uncompromised resolution. It’s powered by a quad-core AMD A6 3400M processor and features an AMD 6520 Radeon graphics card that enables it to handle a handful of in-built multimedia features. In addition, the laptop rivals its peers in terms of connectivity features. It has a total of 3 USB ports, a VGA-Video output, fast Ethernet, HDMI HD audio and video outputs, and, not forgetting, microphone and headphone jacks.


Acer 11.6 Inch Laptop

Lightweight%20Windows%208%20laptop Best Laptops for the MoneyBuilt with an AMD dual core C-70, the AO725-0687 offers specs ideal for those searching for a laptop that is affordable, less complex and offers relatively high performance. It comes with a 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB hard disk and a 11.6″ LED display. With its subtle yet unique features, it falls right in place as the best standard-style business laptop for the money. Lightweight, fast and stylish all in one little package.