Best Laptops For Graphic Design

A laptop meant for graphic design won’t be your everyday notebook. Since they require almost the same performance capabilities, the best gaming laptops tend to be also the best graphic design laptops. To begin with, a graphics design laptop requires memory of 2GB, or higher, to handle simultaneously running programs in the background. Secondly, one needs a large screen size, 15 inches or more, with a high resolution to facilitate detailing during graphics editing. Thirdly, the laptop should have a dedicated graphics card that comes with its own dedicated video memory. This is especially important if you intend to do video or image editing. Other important specs include a robust CPU and adequate hard drive to store the multimedia files generated.

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Top Rated Laptops for Graphics Design

Apple MacBook Pro ME665LL/A

Apple%20graphic%20design%20laptop Best Laptops For Graphic DesignFor starters this Apple Laptop comes with a 15.4 inch Retina display with over five million pixels (220 pixels per inch). With a very high resolution of 2880 x 1800 , you are certain to see finer details and textures in photos/videos like never before. Weighing only 4.46 pounds and having a thickness of 0.71 inches, this redesigned MacBook sets new standards in portability and performance. The CPU features the latest Intel Core i7 processor with a 2.7GHz speed. With the Intel Turbo Boost Technology this processor speed can be accelerated up to 3.7GHz. It also features a 16GB (two 8GB) DDR3 RAM and a 512gb hard drive. When it comes to graphics flexibility, the machine is fitted with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 processor for heavier workloads — for instance running CAD software and editing HD videos — and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 processor for everyday tasks like web surfing. Other features include Thunderbolt digital video outputs, dual microphones jacks, and an HDMI port.


Lenovo Y580

Lenovo%20Laptop%20for%20graphic%20design Best Laptops For Graphic DesignWith a 15.6 inch full HD, 16:9 aspect ratio (1920 by 1080 pixels resolution) display, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 delivers an exceptional big-screen experience. In terms of processing power, the third generation Intel Core i7 processor teamed with an 8GB DDR3 RAM won’t fail to deliver. This laptop delivers a high performance multimedia experience thanks to the NVidia GeForce 2GB discrete graphics card and other audio-visual enhancements like OneKey Theater 2. The Onekey Theater technology adjusts contrast, saturation, distortion and blurriness to optimize image quality. To provide storage for huge multimedia files, it boasts a 750GB 5400RPM hard drive with a 16GB cache. Other features that make this laptop stand out include the JBL speakers and Dolby home theater audio system, its long-life battery, intelligent touch pad, 720 pixel webcam, high speed Wi-Fi, integrated DVD reader and writer, HDMI output, two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports.



Best%20Graphic%20Design%20Laptop 0 Best Laptops For Graphic DesignThis high performance laptop comes with a 17.3 inch full HD LED (1920 by 1080 pixels resolution) display. To provide storage capacity, it features a 750 GB 7200 RPM hard drive with a 256GB SSD. In terms of performance features, comes with a third generation Intel Core i7 – 3610QM processor that runs at 2.3GHz. This processing power is supported with a 16 GB SODIMM RAM. In order to deliver high performance multimedia functionality, it has a dedicated NVidia GeForce GTX graphics card. The 2.0 MP camera, Bluetooth 4.0, and 802.1gn Wi-Fi ensure that the user is connected to the internet and is able to share files easily. Other key features include the Blue-ray enabled DVD reader and writer, 8-cell battery, Mini Display port, and SSD card slots.

Toshiba Satellite S855-S5378

Graphic%20Design%20Toshiba%20Laptop Best Laptops For Graphic DesignThis laptop addresses almost every need one might have from a portable graphic design computer. Its performance specs make it ideal to handle intensive video editing tasks and it ultimately raises the bar for high performance laptops. It comes with a 15 inch TruBrite LED screen that will be a vital asset during high fidelity color representation. At the heart of this superb machine lies an Intel Core i7 processor aided by an 8GB RAM system. This top of the line performance is ideal for demanding tasks. It features a dedicated AMD Radeon HD 7680 M graphics card that has 2GB of memory. It’s also packed with cutting-edge computing resources, including the super-multi-drive that can burn different disc formats, plenty of ports and internal storage (750GB) to transfer or store files. In addition, the Intel Hyper Threading technology enables effortless smart multitasking functionality that’s ideal when dealing with numerous applications.


Sony VAIO E17 Series SVE17137CXB

Sony%20image%20editing%20laptop Best Laptops For Graphic DesignStylishly designed with a distinctive wrap cover, this laptop is sure to attract attention. Developed by the same engineers responsible for those amazing HDTVs, the Sony VAIO E17 features a stunning screen. Measuring 17.3 inches, the full HD display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution that delivers impeccable detail with amazing contrast and color. In order to deliver its high performance and multitasking capabilities, its equipped with a Intel Core i7 processor aided with an 8GB DDR3 RAM. To effortlessly navigate through applications for graphic designers it features smart multitasking technology delivered by Intel hyper threading. The Blue-ray disc player blends the attributes of HD Blu-ray disc video playback with the utility and convenience of a DVD/CD reader and writer. In an effort to offer a superior productivity and multimedia experience, it includes the AMD Radeon HD 7650-M graphics card that features 2GB video RAM.


HP Envy 17-3270NR

Hp%20Laptop%20for%20Graphic%20Designers Best Laptops For Graphic DesignCreated with the graphics designer in mind, this laptop comes with a 17.3 inch diagonal radiance full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels resolution) LED backlit display. To deliver the required power, it comes with a third generation Intel Core 17 processor that runs at 2.3 GHz. Furthermore, its Intel Boost technology can accelerate the processor speed up to 3.3 GHz. To aid the processor, an 8GB DDR3 RAM and 750 GB 7200 RPM hard drive is included. HP ProtectSmart technology protects the hard drive from damage. To enable multimedia and extreme visual design performance, the machine boasts the Radeon HD 7850-M graphics card that enables switching from 1024MB GDDR up to 5093MB for maximum graphics memory. Other key features include Bluetooth with WiDi, microphone input, headphone output, HDMI output, four super-speed USB 3.0 ports, two display ports, a two-in-one digital media card reader, and a Blue-ray player.