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Modern video games are heavy and demand high RAM capacities and high-performance processors to run smoothly. In case you are experiencing slow processing speeds in your PC when playing games, maybe it’s about time you upgraded to faster RAM. Computer RAM, an acronym for Random Access Memory, is a crucial component that determines a PC’s capacity to handle extreme multitasking and speedy computing. Technically all running programs are stored in the RAM for real-time access. In essence, it acts as temporary storage for programming instructions before they are computed by the CPU. Therefore, more RAM-memory will result in a larger capacity to store more programs leading to faster multitasking capabilities.

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Top Rated PC gaming DDR3 RAM


Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM Dual Channel Memory Kit

16gb%20DDR3%20Gaming%20Ram Best Gaming RamVengeance memory modules are developed from specially selected DRAM chips. The chips are selected based on their high-performance potential. The kit comes packed with four 4GB memory modules. These modules are fitted with aluminum heat spreaders to dissipate heat, and deliver that mean look all gamers need in their gaming rig. This RAM model undergoes some stringent factory tests to ensure that the product on the market is stable and reliable. Only the models that meet the high performance specifications are released. Vengeance models are specifically designed to cater for the latest CPUs. The models are available in 1.35V, 1.5V, and 1.65V configurations to allow compatibility with i7, i5, and i3 processors. They are also compatible to second-generation Intel core processors. They come in dual channel, triple channel and quad channel kits, so it’s easy to get a Vengeance model that suits most motherboard specifications. Furthermore, they also support Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) standard, and each model comes with a factory programmed profile indicating the supporting frequency, timing and voltages.


Kingston Technology HyperX 8 GB (2×4 GB Modules)

HyperX%20Gaming%20DDR3 Best Gaming RamThis HyperX blue module is made by Kingston Technology, a leading manufacturer in building PC memory, and it’s specifically designed with PC enthusiasts and gamers needs in mind. It’s a bold move by the company as it attempts to blend reliability, awesome speeds, and affordability in one package. The kit includes two 4GB modules of 1600MHz DDR3 desktop memory. The modules have faster latency timing leading to higher processing speeds and overall higher performance. In addition, it’s tested for compatibility in various models and makes of desktop computers. Its streamlined clip-less design and high-performance heat spreaders deliver unmatched thermal performance especially for high bandwidth games and high speed programs. It also features a low-latency 240 pin buffered DIMM. For those conversant with tech jargon, its other specs are 512M by 64-bit, 1.65V, FBGA, and GOLD. In addition, its blue color makes the game rig look cool.


Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3

Laptop%20gaming%20memory%20kit Best Gaming RamDesigned to assist your laptop/notebook run smoother and faster, a Crucial RAM module is not only one of the easiest ways to boost system performance but also one of the most affordable options on the market. It delivers faster application loading times, increased multitasking abilities, and faster system responsiveness. Crucial memory modules must pass through stringent factory tests before getting released. This ensures that the modules meet their high performance and compatibility standards. All the modules are manufactured from top quality DRAM chips tested for reliability, performance and compatibility. The kit comes with two 8GB DDR3 1.35V laptop modules that run at maximum speeds of 1333MT/s at CAS 9 latency. It’s important to note that the modules are dual voltage, i.e., they can operate at 1.35V and 1.5V. It conforms to industry set standards, SODIMM layout, as it features 204 pins. This makes it compatible to all notebooks that can take DDR3 SODIMM RAM.


Patriot Memory Mac Series 16GB Apple SODIMM Kit (2X8GB)

Mac%20Gaming%20Memory%20Kit Best Gaming RamThese memory modules are built and certified by Apple’s MAC platform. Apple’s SODIMM kit delivers quality, performance and resilience — crucial features for today’s gamer needs. The kits feature two 8GB modules that run at 1333 MHz (PC3- 10600) and operate at CAS 9 latency timings. Further, the modules operate at 1.5 V and at a 7.8 refresh interval (8192 cycles/64MS). The modules are built using specifically selected chips to ensure that every module meets and exceeds all industry standards. Every component that is picked to go into the modules is first tested to pass stringent factory standards to ensure quality and reliability. The kit is ideal for any gamer who wants to upgrade their Apple laptop hassle free. The memory modules are compatible with all post 2011 models — MacBook Pro, Apple iMac, and Mac Mini.


Quantum Technology HyperMedia DDR3

Low%20Latency%20Gaming%20Ram Best Gaming RamQuantum Technology HyperMedia memory modules are produced via a patented technology and only use the highest quality graded components to deliver high performance and good quality RAMs. The modules are designed to utilize low power, and are fitted with a cooler running module design to easily dissipate heat especially when running graphic-intensive multimedia applications. They operate at 1600 MHz and at low CAS latency timing. Their performance advantages are rather obvious especially when running heavy applications and handling large multimedia files. For the gaming enthusiasts, the two 8GB module delivers incredible performance, speed and system reliability. The modules are also compatible with all desktop models and conform to SODIMM standards.


Corsair Dominator GT 16GB DDR3

8gb%20Gaming%20Ram Best Gaming RamThis kit features two 4GB modules, Corsair DDR3-1866, and it’s touted to be the ultimate memory performance solution for gamers in need of an upgrade. Since it’s designed to perform at extreme high memory speeds, the Corsair Dominator uses only highly screened integrated circuit components to guarantee performance and overclocking functionalities. Dominator GT memory modules feature removable fins and the innovative Dual-Path Xchange (DHX) cooling technology that ensures that heat is dissipated and the modules operate at optimum temperature. The DHX Pro technology is specifically designed to support Corsair’s modules airflow temperature and activity display. Further, the modules function at 1.5V and run at 1866MHz (PC3- 15000) memory speed. Corsair Dominator GT RAM modules conform to industry standards as they feature 204 pins, which makes them compatible with most desktops on the market.