Best CPU For Gaming – 9 Processors Tested

We decided to conduct thorough testing and try to establish an answer to this never ending dilemma: What is the Best CPU for Gaming ?

“Which CPU should I buy? Intel or AMD? What about overclocking, is there any use of it at all and if there is, is it worth giving extra  money for a more expensive overclockable CPU?”


Best CPU For Gaming Best CPU For Gaming   9 Processors Tested


So many questions that need answering, and answering only one of them is a difficult task.  PC gaming is on its turning point , next gen consoles have been released, previous generation consoles are still here and will probably stick around for a year or two at least.

How does this affect PC gaming you ask , since game developers usually do not bother optimizing games when porting them from consoles. This usually means that games only use 2 CPU cores/threads, or in the best case scenario 4 cores/threads. And yes next gen consoles have a eight core CPU, however if you have read our previous benchmarks you should know that optimization isn’t perfect with next gen consoles and games. As long as old consoles are still here and make the majority of the market, improvements when it comes to optimizing console ports is not in sight. Most users are confused when looking to get a new CPU since its hard to pick a long lasting solution without the fear of wasting money, which is quite valuable in these troubling times. Not an easy time to pick a CPU, then again it never was.

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