Best 7 Inch Tablets

With the majority of 7″ tablets ranging in price from $70 up to $400 tablet PC’s are often less expensive than both smartphones and laptops. Tablet computers have evolved into a must-have digital device, offering the mobile convenience of a smartphone while delivering the power and performance of a netbook or laptop computer.

best 7 inch tablet Best 7 Inch Tablets

While tablets are available in models measuring 5″ through 13″, the 7″ size is popular with many users since it is small enough to carry in a purse or jacket pocket while being large enough to be functional for watching movies, playing games or surfing the net.

How To Choose a 7″ Tablet

How%20to%20choose%20a%207%20Inch%20tablet Best 7 Inch Tablets

To choose the right 7″ tablet for you, first think about what you’re going to use the device for. Will it serve as a portable, pocketable alternative to your existing laptop, or are you looking for a mobile, Wi-Fi enabled device to use on the go as an entertainment system for yourself or your kids? Perhaps you require a tablet that has a 3G/4G data connection for use outside of Wi-Fi hotspot zones. You might want to add an external display to your tablet, and consider if you’d like to connect Bluetooth devices like headphones and a keyboard. When picking a tablet computer, remember that the hardware is usually not upgradeable, making it important to consider how you plan to use your tablet both now and in the future. Some tablets do have a memory slot that allows users to add a micro-SD card to expand the onboard storage capacity, so if you need your tablet to be capable of storing large files, look for one with this option. Other tablet options can include front and back-facing cameras, audio-out jacks (3.5mm) and gyroscopes to enhance performance while gaming.


Tablet Memory & Processor Speed

7%20Inch%20Tablet%20Memory%20and%20Processor%20Specs Best 7 Inch Tablets

Thanks to advances in cloud-based computing, the amount of onboard memory or internal storage in a mobile device like a tablet is becoming less important to the average consumer than it had been in the past. Users can now simply store all their media and digital content in their own cloud account, accessing it via the Internet on demand. Despite this, the size of the hard drive on a tablet is worth considering, especially if you plan to use the device offline (such as on an airplane to watch movies or play games) or if you want to store numerous programs and apps on your tablet. Remember that the operating system may use between 2 and 4 GB of memory, reducing the amount of user-available memory in the hard drive.

How smoothly a tablet scrolls as well as how many apps can be opened simultaneously is largely based on the size and speed of the tablet’s processor as well as the amount of RAM. For optimal performance when gaming or watching videos, look for a device that has at least a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, while a quad-core processor will guarantee your new tablet will be a multitasking powerhouse.

To help you narrow down which tablet is right for you, we’ve created a list of the 6 best 7″ tablets on the market today:

Tursion%207%20Inch%20Capacitative%20A10%20Tablet Best 7 Inch TabletsTursion 7″ Capacitative A10 Tablet

This budget-friendly Android tablet computer comes in both 4GB and 8GB models that can be expanded up to 32 GB using a micro-SD card. The 0.3MP front camera allows users to scan QR codes and enjoy video chats, while the 3000mAH battery delivers up to 8 hours of video playback per charge.


Asus%20Nexus%207%20Tablet%20Quad%20Core%20Jelly%20Bean%204.1 Best 7 Inch TabletsAsus Nexus 7 Tablet Quad Core Jelly Bean 4.1

The Asus Nexus 7 is a powerful tablet computer, featuring a quad-core Tegra-3 processor, 16GB memory and 1GB of RAM that operates on the latest Android 4.1 Jellybean OS. The 1280 x 800 high-definition display is made from scratch-resistant glass by Corning, delivering a high-quality viewing experience for the user. The Nexus 7 also includes premium feature like GPS, an accelorometer and a 4325 mAh battery that delivers up to 10 hours of use per charge.


Blackberry%207Inch%20Playbook%2064GB%20Tablet Best 7 Inch TabletsBlackberry 7″ Playbook 64GB

The Playbook by RIM, maker of the Blackberry, is a business-oriented tablet device that is designed to bridge the gap between Blackberrys and laptops, allowing users to access BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and create a bridge to wirelessly connect a Blackberry to the Playbook to share data connections and contacts.


Budget%207%20Inch%20Tablet Best 7 Inch TabletsCoby Kyros 4GB 7 Inch Tablet

The Coby Kyros is a low-cost 7″ tablet that allows users to access the Internet via Wi-Fi, play games with the capacitative touchscreen and view images on an external monitor using the HDMI-out port. The memory is expandable and files can be transferred to and from the device using the included micro-USB to USB cable.


7%20Inch%20Kindle%20Fire%20Hd Best 7 Inch TabletsKindle Fire 7″ HD

The Kindle Fire HD from Amazon is one of the most anticipated digital devices of the year, delivering a Wi-Fi enabled, dual-band, dual-antenna tablet that features ultra-fast connectivity and unlimited access to Amazon’s cloud service. The front-facing camera allows users to communicate using Skype, while the onboard Dolby sound system delivers a powerful surround-sound experience. This tablet comes pre-loaded with the purchaser’s Amazon profile, making it easy to instantly access streaming video on Amazon’s Prime service, read and listen to books and access Amazon’s cloud drive.


Archos%207%20Inch%20Tablet Best 7 Inch TabletsArchos 7 Inch 7f  G3

The Archos g3 7f  includes a 7″ Wi-Fi enabled Android 4.0 – based tablet. It features a micro-SD port that allows users to expand the onboard memory from 4gb ,  a 1 GHz AMD ARM CORTEX processor  and 1 GB of DRAM, allowing users to stream videos and use multiple apps at once without any lag or stuttering.