Battlefield 4 Is A Threat To China – More Games Will Be Banned In The Future

China after 13 years finally had their console ban lifted, there was a blast in sales of both video games and game consoles. Its very odd that consoles are mass produced there but were banned due to some cultural and parental reasons.


Battlefield 4 Is A Threat To China More Games Will Be Banned Battlefield 4 Is A Threat To China   More Games Will Be Banned In The Future


But now as the platforms on which one can enjoy the video games is possible to buy, there seems to be some filtering. Just recently a FPS game, Battlefield 4 was officially banned by the government of China.

BF4 Threatens China’s National Security and Affects The Culture

The reason being that “Electronic Arts is developing games that threatens the country’s national security and affects the culture”. This was triggered by the release of the BF4 China Rising DLC in which Admiral Chang wants to overthrow the current government.

After going through the content themselves, China’s Ministry of Culture issued a notice for banning the game in the country and prohibiting any and all content related to the game.

Battlefield 4 China Ban Was Predicted

The ban on Battlefield 4 was also previously predicted in the local newspaper China Military which claims that Battlefield 4 “smears China’s image” and in a way is a “cultural invasion”.

Usually when you hear a game being banned in a country, you may think of it happening due to strong gore/blood or  offensive language, but in some countries the situation is a little bit different, and Battlefield isn’t the first game which puts China on the “bad side”.

The game despite being buggy and unstable even after about 17 updates released just on PC, is still played in by masses worldwide, but the ban seems to have saved China from downloading the limitless patches. Of course China had a good enough impact on the sales for EA, which will now see a downfall bigger then what it saw in the second week of it’s release due to the reports of the game being broken.

  • Dakan45

    China is ripping everyting off, makes most of the crap that are sold everywhere and is turning into a superpower. On top of that they are not exactly a “Free” country. So they can fck right off.

  • Ian Kelly

    To Dakan45, check with your local CEO’s on who China makes all that crap for – – and why your local people have no manufacturing jobs left. China ships all that product because someone ordered it.