Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander App For iOS Now Out

Many tablet apps are coming out as having an overview experience within a game. But, most of them (with the exception of a few) are useless. EA has taken this trend to a further level. Finally, the Battlefield 4 Commander Tablet App is out for iOS. The only thing missing in taking the gaming experience of Battlefield 4 (other than DLC, weapons etc) to a new level which now been released to the public.


BF4 Commander App Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander App For iOS Now Out


If you don’t know what a Commander app is, this app gives you the roll of a commander to control over the whole battlefield. Giving you the overview of the whole map and providing you the ability to air-strike a targeted location, spotting enemies, giving objectives, etc.

Just download the app and launch it on your tablet, go to Multi-Players, then select a server and join by clicking “commander” button. Now, you will have the overview of the map and options to interact with. If you think the connection will be a problem, this app works over 3G, so you can be the commander of a Battlefield almost anywhere.


Battlefield 4 iOS tablet Commander Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander App For iOS Now Out



The commander app will not be limited to PC servers, it can also join Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and the Xbox One console version, which will be coming out later this month. It’s also not limited to iOS tablets, the app for Android tablets will be released later this month as well.