Battlefield 4 Preload Beta Has Been “Unstuck”

Posted on Sep 30 2013 - 6:15am by Nikolas Nikolaou
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bf4 beta October 1st Battlefield 4 Preload Beta Has Been Unstuck

All users that have Battlefield 3 Premium , Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Battlefield 4 Deluxe are lucky enough to preload the first Exclusive BF4 Beta started yesterday from Origin. While this is great as we are ready to load our guns in the new Battlefield 4 Siege of Shangai map  , some Origin users have been having problems with downloading the BF4 Preload Beta either from opting out by mistake or the problem that aroused with it being “stuck” in the Origin menu .



This has been resolved from some users by totally uninstalling the Origin client and deleting there payment methods. We also have confirmation from an EA representatives that : “Battlefield 4 Beta Pre-load is now available for everyone that did not see the Battlefield 4 Exclusive Beta in their Origin “My Games” library before.”


If your one of the “unlucky” ones we hope your problem will be sorted out with one of these fixes.

Beta access will be live October 1st See you on the Battlefield!!!


bf4 preload Battlefield 4 Preload Beta Has Been Unstuck


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