Battlefield 4 Mantle Vs DirectX CPU Benchmark Performance Comparison

Those of you who are expecting to see one of those generic Battlefield 4 Mantle benchmarks tested in a single player environment saying how Mantle brings a 45% increase in frames per second and where everything works smoothly, should be aware that you won’t find something like that here. 


Bf4 Mantle CPU Performance benchmark Battlefield 4 Mantle Vs DirectX CPU Benchmark Performance Comparison



As we have been saying since the first benchmark we have done, you can’t test a mostly MP game in SP surroundings expecting to receive any meaningful data. Especially when it comes to something as big as a completely new API.  This benchmark has been done in  all of the settings with a representative amount of CPUs and at the end completed with an  image comparison, since we believe that nothing should be left unchecked before giving a final conclusion about something as complex as a new DirectX 11.1 alternative called Mantle.

We first must apologize to all of our viewers who had expected the Mantle benchmark to be published much earlier. Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts the Mantle Benchmark had to be postponed due to a large amount of anomalies that we noticed during our testings. One more thing that didn’t help us at all in doing this benchmark earlier was the fact that we hadn’t received the Catalyst 14.1 Beta driver as the rest of the press did which was 24 hours earlier.

When we say anomalies we are not talking about crashing to desktop or BSODs (and we had those in abundance), nor even sudden frame drops which is something that everyone who has tried Mantle has experienced until now. We had great problems when it came to frame rates on different CPUs and on different settings. Although we reinstalled Windows 8.1, reinstalled Battlefield 4 and installed only the necessary software since we wanted to rule out any possible leftovers from the previous OS that might cause collusion with Mantle, we still had problems when it came to inconsistency of fps in various settings.

For example while benching Mantle after some time we started getting 12 fps on whatever hardware or setting we tested. We also had huge anomalies when it came to i3 performance since we actually recorded data which showed the i3 beating the i7 and i5 by 30% or more which absolutely made no sense. Restarting the game, restarting the PC, reinstalling the driver, repairing the game didn’t help at all and just after some time everything started to even out when we realized that Mantle isn’t finished yet and is still in its developing stages, therefore being highly unstable.

At the end, we started getting paranoid and reinstalling the driver after every setting change, just in case. This meant that we needed to perform even more testing in order to have somewhat relevant data which of course at the end meant that we needed to postpone the release of our benchmark. The results you see here are the results that you will experience in around 60% of situations, while in the rest of the cases you might receive other anomalies, like the ones mentioned above or maybe something completely different.